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Brian Wells Pizza Bomb Video: Check What Is The Content Of Brian Wells Death Video Viral On Reddit, Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube, Telegram, Twitter

This article on Brian Wells Pizza Bomb Video was written to give you a brief information about his death.

Have you heard about Brian Wells Pizza yet? Why is everyone willing to know more about it? Who is Brian Well? Did something happen to him? If yes, what happened to him? Most people from the United States are eager to find out more about him. Are you one of them? If yes, you have ended up at the right place as all the information about him will be mentioned in this article. To get the details about Brian Wells Pizza Bomb Video kindly read this article with your utmost attention. 


Who is Brian Wells? 

Brian Wells was a pizza delivery man. He was born on November 15, 1956, in Warren, Pennsylvania in the United States. He was an American by birth. There is not much information available about his personal life on the internet. Brian was a humble man who was very devoted to his work. He was a pizza delivery man for a pretty long time. Unfortunately, he passed away in his middle age in 2003. More details about his death will be mentioned below. Read ahead to know more. 

Brian Well Viral On Reddit 

Brian went viral all around the world after his murder. Social media platforms were not well-established during the time of his murder but the news about his death was spread all over the world through other resources. The news about his death is currently going viral on social media such as Tiktok and other apps. What happened to him? Well, he robbed a PNC bank near his hometown in Pennsylvania. After the investigation by the police, he was murdered when an explosive collar locked his neck.  

Brian Wells news on Telegram 

As per sources, his death is uncovered as one of the most complicated and bizarre crimes in the annals of the FBI. As per sources, the FBI investigation led to Marjorie Diehk and Kenneth Barnes being charged with the crime in 2007. The videos about this incident are available on Youtube. The bomb which was used in killing him was a hinged collar that was like a large handcuff that goes around the neck. Many people are giving their comments about this incident on Twitter and other apps. It was very heartbreaking to hear about this painful death of Well.  As per sources, the weapon used to kill him was not a normal one, it was potentially lethal shrapnel. 


We have read above about Brian’s death, which has shaken most people. People are posting about it on Instagram and other sites. Brian worked as a delivery man for 10 years. This incident has gained extensive media coverage; this case is also known as the Pizza Bomber case or collar bomb case. To know more click on this link 

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Brian Wells Death Video FAQs 

Q1. Who was Brian Well? 

He was a pizza delivery man. 

Q2. How did he die? 

He was murdered. 

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