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[Watch Video] Brian Barczyk Goodbye Video Leaked On Twitter: What Happened to Him? Check How Did He Die

What is Brian Barczyk Goodbye Video Leaked on TwitterHow Did He DieWhat Happened to him? Check details on his Passing.

Why is Brian Barczyk Goodbye Video Leaked on Twitter trending? Who is Brian Barczyk? What happened to him, and how did he die? People from the United States are trying to know about Brian Barczyk. Thus, we will discuss details about him. We will also learn about his death and other circumstances. 

Brian Barczyk Goodbye Video Leaked on Twitter

A video related to Brian was trending on social media in which he is saying goodbye to his subscribers and fans. The video was uploaded on 5th January 2024, where he was expressing his feelings towards the subscribers and his followers. He was grateful for the support he received on social media.

Soon after the video was uploaded, on 15th January 2024, a post was updated regarding his death. The account was of a reptile zoo in Michigan, Utica. Brian founded it, and they posted the official announcement of his death on behalf of Brian’s family. The news of his death was not a shocker because he had had cancer. 

Brian Barczyk Goodbye Video Leaked on Twitter

Brian Barczyk How Did He Die?

The reason behind his death was pancreatic cancer; he has been suffering from the illness since 2023. In his video, he said goodbye; he might have known by then that he would be no more due to an incurable disease. His voice was shattering in the video; Brian was looking weak and old. He was indeed not looking well. 

People who watched his videos regularly know how much weight he lost during his cancer treatment and suffered a lot. He was an enthusiast for reptiles and did fantastic work in the said field. People are remembering him for his good deeds, and many are inspired by Brian as well. 

Brian Barczyk How Did He Die

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What Happened to Brian Barczyk?

As per the details, Brian died in January 2024, battling cancer (pancreatic). He was a fighter and went through a lot of hardship ever since he had been diagnosed with cancer. He died on 14th January at his residence, surrounded by his loved ones. We hope he has found a peaceful place in heaven. People are praying for him.

To honour Brian, a walk-through public memorial has been organised on 17th January 2024. It will be held at Heritage church and the timings are from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm. Everyone is invited to join the walk-through and honour the legacy of Brian Barczyk. Brian Barczyk Passing has brought immense pain to his family and loved ones.

What Happened to Brian Barczyk

Personal Details About Brian 

Brian was a social media personality and a reptile enthusiast. He has been working on YouTube since 2011 and has made a name as a reptile expert. He had a massive following through out his social media. His full name was Brian Henry Barczyk, and he was born on 6th September 1969 in Michigan, US. 

Brian married Lori in 1992, and the couple has two children named Noah and Jade. Both of them are also reptile enthusiasts, along with his wife. He died at the age of 54 due to inoperable cancer (pancreatic). Brian Barczyk Passing details are mentioned in this article He openly shared about his health issues in his vlogs.

Personal Details About Brian

Social Media Details About Brian Barczyk 

Here, we will provide a link to Brian’s social media accounts. 

Instagram Account Link

Brian had more than 1.5 million followers on his Instagram and uploaded more than 5200 posts. 

Twitter Account Link

Brian had 50 thousand followers on his Twitter (now known as X).

Main YouTube Channel of Brian

He had more than 800 thousand subscribers on his channel.

Vlog YouTube Channel

On this channel, he had more than 5.20 million followers, and around 3000 videos were uploaded. 


In today’s article on What Happened to Brian Barczyk, we have discussed all the known details related to Brian and his life. We provided all the social media details about Brian as well. He passed away on 14th January 2024 at his residence because of Pancreatic Cancer. His disease was incurable and inoperable. He had disclosed all the details of his health on his YouTube channel. He was a popular social media star, and people know him as a reptile expert. If you wish to watch the trending goodbye video of Brian, click here.

Brian Barczyk How Did He Die? Please comment your tribute to Brian in the comments.

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