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Brandon Charnas Embezzlement: Is It A Scandal, Check Facts Of Arielle and Brandon Charnas Divorce Rumor!

The article on Brandon Charnas Embezzlement has stated statements and facts given by the person related to the controversy.

Do you know who Brandon Charnas is? Have you ever heard of the brand name Something Navy? Something Navy is a clothing and lifestyle brand established by Arielle Charnas, and Brandon Charnas is her Husband. 

People from the United States and Canada are talking about the news of Brandon Charnas Embezzlement. This controversy is trending on Reddit. Let’s discuss this topic briefly and see all the details here.


Details On Embezzlement Rumour

On Tuesday, there was a rumor going around social media that the Husband of Something Navy’s founder had embezzlement from her wife’s company. Along with this, the news of couples getting a divorce is also trending. This allegedly false news started from Reddit. 

On Wednesday, the CEO of Something Navy, Matthew Scanlan, denied the rumor of any embezzlement. He explained that Brandon has nothing to do with his wife’s company and he has no point of access to any of the accounts. 

Details On Divorce Scandal

A representative of Arielle has clarified that the news of a couple getting divorce is false and baseless. Arielle and Brandon love each other, and they are happily married. The representative stated on page six. 

Brandon and Arielle got married in 2014. They have three lovely daughters; Ruby, Esme, and Navy. The rumor caught attention when people noticed that Arielle hadn’t posted pictures with his Husband for months and also limited her commenting section on Instagram. Also, she posted photos of herself all dolled up on Tuesday, but her wedding band was missing. 

More Details On The News

In his statements on page six, the spokesperson also mentioned that Arielle and Brandon Charnas Divorce and the letter that is said to be circulating on the internet by the influencer are fake. There is no embezzlement happening. All these rumors are being spread to spoil Brandon and Arielle’s reputations.

Arielle Charnas’s Details

New York social media personality, fashion blogger, and entrepreneur, born in a Jewish family on June 13, 1987. She grown-up in Old Westbury, NY, in Long Island. Charnas runs a fashion blog called Something Navy. It has since grown into a successful fashion and lifestyle brand. 

Charnas launched a clothing line with Nordstrom called Something Navy. Arielle is married to Brandon Charnas, and they have two daughters together. Her Husband is a real estate advisor and a lawyer who graduated from the University of Pennsylvania. 

Details About Something Navy

Arielle began her blog, Something Navy, in 2009 as a space to share her style. The blog quickly gained a following, and in 2012, Charnas partnered with Nordstrom to launch a limited-edition capsule collection. In 2018, she launched her eponymous label, Something Navy. 

Something Navy has been worn by celebrities and influencers such as Olivia Palermo, Chrissy Teigen, and Kendall Jenner. Something Navy has been praised for its size-inclusive offering, with sizes ranging from 00 to 24. Something Navy’s first store was opened in New York City. With the rumors of Brandon Charnas Embezzlement recently, the brand is trending.  

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Note: The article has presented the facts and details collected from different internet sources. We are not commenting on any rumor or scandal. 


This article explains the controversy involving Brandon Charnas and Arielle Charnas. As per the rumor, Brandon has embezzled from her wife’s company Something Navy, but CEO Scanlan has denied the rumor. Click here and learn more about Arielle Charnas.

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Brandon Charnas Embezzlement: Read FAQs For Recent Updates

Q1. Who is Matt Scanlan?

Matthew is the Chief Executive Officer of Something Navy. 

Q2. Who is Something Navy’s founder?

Arielle Charnas is the founder of Something Navy. She started her style blog in 2009.

Q3. How old is Arielle Charnas?

Arielle is 35 years old. She was born on June 13, 1987.

Q4. Who is Arielle’s Husband?

Brandon Charnas is her Husband. They got married in November 2014. 

Q5. What rumor about Arielle Charnas is trending on Reddit?

The rumor that her Husband has been embezzled from Something Navy’s account and they are getting divorced has started from Reddit.

Q6. Is the news of Brandon Charnas Embezzlement accurate?

As per Matthew Scanlan, CEO of Something Navy, the news about embezzlement is not at all true and baseless. 

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