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Brad William Henke Office: Check His Wiki Details To Fetch Biography, Wife, Parents, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Height & More Data!

The article describes the basic and primary factors of Brad William Henke Office and also discusses Henke’s life span and data.

Do you know Brad William Henke? Henke is one the most famous footballers and actors in recent times. Brad William died on 29 November 2022. After his demise, many people talk about his current show, “The Office”. It was a very famous show in Henke’s life.

The show was famous Worldwide. And for this reason, many people want to know about the Brad William Henke Office. We also need to give you the correct information on it. 


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What do you know about the office?

“The Office” was one of the most famous shows in recent times. The most crucial reason for this show is the characters and the role of the show. In this program, Brad William played a vital role. And as per the show’s viewers, Henke brought an excellent action method in this show.

In one episode of this program, millions of people appreciated Henke’s role. The Office is a nine-episode series, and many people have enjoyed the character played by Henke.

Biography of Henke

Henke was an American citizen who initially started his career as a national football player. Henke was born in Columbus, Nebraska. As a football player, Henke was admitted to the University of Arizona and played in a defensive position. 

As a footballer, Henke played for the New York Giants and Denver Broncos. But due to injury problems, he retired from this field in 1994.Later Henke started his career as an actor. In 1994, he did some commercials and some notable characters in Around June, October Road, World Trade Centre and much more television and other series as well.

Personal Life

Henke’s first wife‘s name was Katelin Chesna. They married in 2001 but got divorced in 2008. But later, Henke engaged Sonja and married her. Henke had a stepdaughter, a step son and a grandchild as well.

But while we are checking his other family background, like information on his Parents, we generally need help finding data. Henke was active and famous in the sports and acting sectors. Henke played some notable crucial roles in the movies like Pacific Rim, Jobs, Fury, Frozen Ground and many television series and programs. 

While we are checking his financial background, we find Henke also had a good amount of Net Worth. As per the financial report, Henke had 5 million USD at the time of death. 

Wiki Report of Brand Henke 

  • Full Name/Real Name- Brad William Hanke
  • Nick Name- Brad
  • Date of Birth- 10 April 1966
  • Birth Place- Columbus 
  • Marital Status- Married
  • Wife’s name- Katelin Chesna (divorced), Sonja
  • Partner name- Unknown
  • Occupation- Football player and actor
  • Zodiac sign- Aries
  • Nationality- American

Other Information about Henke 

We have also searched for many other important information about Henke. As per ethnicity, Henke has Swiss-German nationality. William Henke had the Christian faith, and he holds American citizenship as well.

While we are checking his personal life, we are still looking for the name of the partner or Girlfriend of this famous actor. He married twice, and Henke’s second wife is still alive. 

Henke was also associated with the American Film Actors and Television society. Henke’s birth date was 10 April 1966, and he was 56 years old at the time of his death. 

Many of his fans also know about Henke’s Height & More. We have checked this information. As per the report, Henke was 1.93 M tall. Henke is one of the great personalities who received popularity in both sports and acting careers. 

Many of his fans are now checking Henke’s obituary, which is also available on the internet. As his family announced, the actual death reason is still unknown, and the funeral was done Infront of his close relatives and associates. 

Social Media 

Henke was active on social media. You can check the social media of Henke. 




Henke was one of the notable actors in the industry. Many people have shown their condolences to this famous actor. 

Are you also a fan of Henke’s performance? Please comment. 

Brad William Henke Office– FAQ

1) When did Henke die? 

On 29 November 2022. 

2) What was his best movie?

The Space Between, Magic Valley, I am Not a Hipster. 

3) What is Henke’s reason for death?


4) What was Henke’s ethnicity?


5) What was Henke’s Nationality?


6) What was his net worth?

5 million USD.

7) What was Henke’s last movie?

The Ray

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