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[Update] Brad William Henke Football Team: Find His Wikipedia, and Net Worth Details, Also Find His Cause of Death Here!

This piece of information about Brad William Henke Football Team provides you with required information about Brad’s demise and personal details.

American Actor and footballer Brad Williams Hanke passed away on 29 November 2022, Tuesday. He has been suffering from blocked arteries and a heart condition.

Are you wondering what the reason for his death is? What is he famous for? Do you know about his personal life? People in the United States are eager to know more about his professional and personal life. If you want to know the same, read this article about Brad William Henke Football Team till the end to know more about him.


What is the reason behind his demise?

American football player Brad William Henke left this world on 29 November 2022 Tuesday. He died at such an early age. He was only 56 at the time of his death. We all came to know about his death from his manager Matt Delpiano. He informed all that Brad died peacefully in his sleep. Matt doesn’t disclose any reason for his death or any information about the place he left us. People have assumed his Cause of Death by the information he shared in 2021 on Instagram about his deceased health. 

He stated that he had been suffering from blocked arteries as his 90 Percent arteries were announced blocked by the doctor. He has been suffering from heart conditions which makes people believe that it might be the reason behind his death. You can check the link provided later in this article under social media links; there, you can see more about him on Reddit.


What is the reason behind his demise

Brad Williams’s funeral and obituary- Brad William Henke Football Team:

He was a loved man, and his sudden death has shocked everyone as he is not too old to go. He has received many tributes from his colleagues, fans, and friends. Many have given condolences to his family, and all are mourning his death. You can check the link under the article’s social media heading to check his heart-warming message about his death by his family and friends. The funeral date is not released yet; stay updated with our articles, as we will inform you as soon as the information about his funeral is released.

Brad’s Wikipedia:

Real Name Brad William Henke
Nick Name Unknown
Date Of Birth 10 April,1966
Age 56
Birth Place Columbus U. S
Profession Actor, American Football Player
Date Of Death 29 November,2022
Parents Unknown
Children Aaden And Leasa
Partner Katelin Chesna, Sonja Henke
Net Worth $5 Million
Education Qualification Heritage High School / Arizona
Height 6 Ft
Weight 132 Kg

You can check his profile on twitter and Instagram in this article under social media links.

Social media links:


Twitter message

Brad’s Instagram

Brad’s Twitter


Brad Williams passed away on 29 November 2022. His manager does not officially announce the real reason for his death. For more information about brad Williams’s demise, click on this link.

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Brad William Henke Football Team – FAQs:

Q1. For what role was Henke famous?

He is famous for his role as a prison guard in the film “orange is the new black.”

Q2. For how many years has he worked for television?

For about 25 years, he worked for television.

 Q3. At what age does he die?

At the age of 56.

 Q4. What information was shared by Henke on Instagram about his health before death?

Hanke shared the information before death that 90 % of the artery was blocked, and he said the doctors put two stents in the heart.

 Q5. When and with whom did he start acting?

In 1996 with Mr wrong. His last Net Worth was $5 Million

 Q6. Why and when did his football career end?

His football career ended in the early 1990s because of some injuries.

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