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Death of Borje Salming:

In august 2022 Borje announced he had had ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis). Sources had claimed that this might be the reason behind the death of Borje Salming.  

Due to ALS, his body became paralyzed later, his respiratory system failed, and finally, he lost his life. These are some of the details we successfully found; if we find any new updates regarding Als Toronto we will share them with you through this website.

The early life of Borje Salming:

Borje Salming was born on 17th April 1951 (71 years old) at Salmi in Kiruna. From his childhood, he has been focusing on multiple games. Among varieties of games, his favourite sport was Maple Leaf’s. 

In his early days, he received an opportunity to play in the National Hockey League. Borje Salming has also been known as a hero in Sweden and various parts of Europe. During his time, he was one of the best defensemen, and he was selected for the six-time NHL all-stars team.

What is the Net worth of Borje Salming?

Borje Salming retired in 2016, and he has successfully generated revenue of more than 1.6 million dollars. He has also received lots of prize money after winning two world championships for his team.

Obituary of Borje Salming:

Borje Salming died on 24th November 2022, which is why the obituary of Borje Salming has not been published anywhere by the Salming family. Whenever we find a single detail, we will update you with this website.

Condolence after Borje Salming Died:

Many famous stars have shared their condolences and said he was a humble guy and the pioneer of this game. Lots of people have been sharing their condolences with the Children of Borje.

Some new details about Borje:

Salming spent lots of time with his wife, Pia Salming, until 2016. These are some of the details we find about the first wife of Borje Salming. He also has five kids.

What are the names of Pia and Borje Salming’s kids?

Borje Salming and Pia have five kids. The name of those Kids are as follows:

  • Theresa, 
  • Anders, 
  • Rasmus, 
  • Bianca, 
  • Lisa, 
  • and Sara.

What is the Jersey Number of Borje Salming?

21 has been written on the jersey of Borje Salming, this jersey he used at the time of retirement in 2016.

Essential details of Borje Salming:

Real Name  Borje Salming
Nick Name Borje
Date of Birth 17trh April 1951
Age 72 years
Gender Male
Profession Athelete
Parents N/A
Nationality Sweden
Total Asset of Borje 1.6 Million 
Awards own by Borje Salming Hockey Hall of Fame
Birth Place Kiruna
Height 185
Weight 95
Other income source like YouTube  N/A
Sports he played Ice Hockey

Final Verdict:

Recently on 24th November 2022, Borje Salming, the famous hockey player, lost his life due to ALS. He has been hospitalized for many days. After his demise, lots of people thought he might do Suicide. We want to assure you it is false news. Do not believe that.

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FAQ of Borje Salming Cause of Death:

1 What was the reason behind the death of Borje Salming?


2 Full form of ALS?

 Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

3 What is the total asset of Salming?

1.6 Million Dollars.

4 When did Salming lose his life?

24th November 2022.

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