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Boogie2988 Girlfriend: Who Is Boogie2988 Wife? Also Find Details On Boogie2988 Weight, Age, And Height

The article discusses Boogie2988 Girlfriend; more details about the YouTuber are read here.

Do you know who Boogie 2988 is? Who is Boogie 2988’s girlfriend? What is Boogie 2988’s real name? If you are interested to know about Boogie2988 Girlfriend details, click here. People from Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom are searching for details about this YouTube content creator. Let us know who Boogie2988 is and all related details about him.  


Who is Boogie2988’s Girlfriend?

The famous YouTuber, popularly known as Boogie2988, has revealed on his channel that his girlfriend has moved in with him. They have known each other for several months and were in a long-distance relationship. A few weeks ago, she moved in with him, and they finally disclosed it to the public. 

It all started when Boogie2988 Twitter account discussed a sneak-peak or a preview of his girlfriend. He posted a picture of her on his Twitter and then posted a video on his channel a day after to announce the news.  

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Boogie2988’s Past Relationship & Real Name

His real name is Steven Jay Williams; he was born in Virginia, U.S., on 24th July 1974. He has a YouTube channel with over 4.05 million subscribers and 916 million views in total. He usually makes parody videos about video games and trending topics and creates reaction videos. He also has a character which he plays named Francis. 

He married Boogie2988 Wife, Desiree, in 2013, but later in 2018, they divorced with mutual consent. Desiree, also known as ‘Dez,’ supported him through all the ups and downs of his life. Steven underwent the fat-loss surgery with the support of Dez. She even gave up her job to look after Steven. 

More Personal Details About Steven 

Steven is a popular YouTuber, and people often search for details about him. But recently, as he posted about his girlfriend, people especially wanted to know the Boogie2988 Age. Steven is currently 48 years old. He disclosed that his girlfriend is just 20 years old. 


News about Boogie2988 and his 20 years-old girlfriend is going viral on the internet. A famous YouTube content creator has announced his relationship with a younger girl. Netizens’ reactions are mixed. Steven uploaded a video on his YouTube channel. For more details on Steven Jay Williams, click here

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Read Updates on Boogie2988 Height: FAQs

Q1. Who is Boogie2988?

A1. Boogie is a famous social media personality and has over 4 million subscribers on YouTube. 

Q2. Does Boogie have a girlfriend?

A2. Yes, Boogie has a girlfriend and revealed it a week ago on social media. 

Q3. What is Boogie’s real name and his height?

A3. Boogie’s official name is Steven Jay Williams, and he is 5 feet and 10 inches tall (as per sources). 

Q4. What is Boogie2988 Weight currently?

A4. Steven weighs 250 pounds currently, after the surgery.

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