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Bonitohoy. Com: Explore The Legitimacy Details Of Bonito Hoy. com

The article on Bonitohoy. Com will explain the details about the website and its use. Please read. 

Do you like playing games on your mobile phones and laptop? Do you use Windows, Android, or IOS for playing games? Do you play games that require coins and points? Are you searching for free points and coins on Bonitohoy. Com? Look no further; we will explain everything about this website and provide the steps to use it because people from all over the Worldwide are interested to know its details.


Details About ‘Bonito Hoy’ website  

The website is in all Spanish and claims to provide free points and coins for your FIFA Soccer game. The website has few options, just an option to produce or generate coins. For that, they will ask for your user ID and your device type. On the website’s homepage, they have an EA Sports FIFA Soccer logo. 

Disclaimer: All the details about this website have been researched and collected through all possible credible sources. 

The authenticity of Bonito Hoy. Com

Before using any website, one must do proper research on it because many websites present on the internet are unsafe and can bring bugs to your system while accessing it. Thus, data safety, password or other information-sharing policies, and data privacy cannot be compromised. Let us see some factors to verify the authenticity of the website.

  • The website has zero trust scores, it means that the site consists of a potential scam. 
  • The website was created on 26th September 2022 and expires on 26th September 2023.
  • The user interface of the site could be better. 
  • Bonitohoy. Com does not have any feedback or review anywhere on the internet.

These legitimacy factors can tell a lot about any website; thus, we suggest that do read the above-given points properly. 

How to Use It? Step By Step Explanation

  • Visit the website by opening the URL.
  • Upon opening, a section with the user name and Platform will be available; fill in the details.
  • Then, they will ask you to fill in the number of coins and points you want. Fill them one by one.
  • After that, it will generate the mentioned number of coins and points to provide.
  • Then Bonitohoy. Com will ask you to complete a task from their sponsors. For example, installing any application, etc.
  • But the end link provided by the website needs to be fixed. Hence the coins and points cannot be collected. 


The article has covered the details and information on the website, which claims to provide free coins and points to the player of FIFA Soccer. We have discussed the legitimacy and found out that the website looks suspicious as due to zero trust score and there are no reviews or feedback available anywhere . 

Do you know how to earn free coins for the FIFA Soccer game? Please let us know some ways and comment. 

Must Read Updates on The Bonitohoy. Com: FAQs

Q1. What is Bonito Hoy?

A1. It is a website that offers to provide free points and coins to FIFA soccer players. The website is originally in Spanish. 

Q2. What does Bonito Hoy mean?

A2. The word Bonito Hoy is a Spanish word, and it means ‘Pretty Today.’

Q3. Does the Bonito website work fine?

A3. The website is accessible, but the final action and output of earning coins or points are not working.

Q4. What are the feedbacks about the site?

A4. There are no reviews or feedback available anywhere about Bonitohoy.

Q5. Is Bonitohoy. Com legit?

A5. The website needs to look legit, but it has been a short period since it existed. 

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