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Bombcrypto Coin {Jan 2022} Address, How To Buy? Price

Bombcrypto Coin offers new kinds of gaming experiences and features in this cryptocurrency trading. Read the article so you can understand the features.

There is a cryptocurrency that you can farm, play and win. 

It is not just a cryptocurrency. It also offers you to play on the “NFT Pixel Game”. You need to fight against monsters in this game to save your land. And you can also earn cryptocurrency.

Many investors and players are playing the game and winning this cryptocurrency Worldwide.

 But we also need to know about this virtual currency in detail. So, without taking any time, let’s find out about the Bombcrypto Coin

What is a Bomb? 

First of all, it is a game. So to earn the currency, gamers have to play and win the game.

The gamers can choose a “Hero” for every game level as per the rule. The players can win the level if they kill the entire monster in each level. It is the “Adventure” structure.

Now the next level is “Arena Battle”. At this level, gamers can play the battle but need to pay some tokens. The player will receive the total loser’s amount on the winning trump.

The last one is “Manage Heroes”.

The Founder (s) of Bombcrypto Coin

  • Lam Ho is the Founder, CEO and game director. But there are many other people also who are involved in this cryptocurrency. 
  • Thuan Lee is a prominent technical consultant. Hai Hoang is the leading developer of this project.
  • K Pham is working as a prominent project leader of this currency. 
  • Nhung Vo works as a leading marketing person. She cares about daily marketing activities. 
  • Haun Nguyen is the principal artist of the game project. The name of the leading game designer is Hung Nguyen. He played a prominent critical role in designing the game.

The Market Structure of Bombcrypto Coin

We need to focus on the market structure of the game. The following discussion can help you understand this cryptocurrency’s market ratio.

  • USD Price- $4.11
  • Rate change ratio- 10.77%
  • Trade ratio- $8,786,968.12
  • 24 Hours low and high- $3.68/$4.11
  • Volume- 0.2005
  • Rank- 2885
  • Dominance- 0.00%
  • Cap in the market- $43,820,379.06
  • Diluted Cap Version- $406,664,592.81
  • Total Supply ratio- No Information
  • Full supply rate- 100,000,000 BCOIN
  • Circulated Supply Rate- 10,775,558 BCOIN

Know the Buying Reasons

Now the question is why you buy this token. 

  1.  It offers a fantastic market price. 
  2. The token has an unbelievable game structure. 
  3. You can win the game and earn the Bombcrypto Coin
  4. It is a NFT related game. 
  5. It is associated with high profile partners and investors. 

How Do You Buy This Token? 

If you want to buy the token, some buying processes follow the steps to buying this cryptocurrency.

  1. You need to open your account on the “Binance”.
  2. Buy cryptocurrency with your “Fiat” money.
  3. After this you need to transfer your crypto to the “Trustwallet” and “Metamask”. 
  4. Now via “PanCakeswap”, you can start buying this cryptocurrency. 
  5. You also use other buying platforms to buy the Bombcrypto Coin


  1. How Do I Know the Contract Address? 
  1. 0x00e1656e45f18ec6747f5a8496fd39b50b38396d.
  1. Why is this Crypto News Trending?
  1. The currency is getting support from the “Wildcat” venture, which is why this coin is in the media trends.


This cryptocurrency indeed has great partnership and association. The token is also getting backing from many reputed financial institutions.

But as per the recent financial ratio of cryptocurrency, if you want to invest, you need accurate information. Without precise details, don’t invest in cryptocurrency.

You can take financial experts’ suggestions before buying the Bombcrypto Coin

Read the article How Do You Manage Investment in CryptoCurrency in 2022? You can check the official website of Bombcrypto for additional information.  

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