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Bo Tuentrada Com: Explore The Features And Legitimacy Of The Site

We bring you exclusive reviews of BO Tuentrada com, a Bolivia website selling slots and tickets for several events.

Are you interested in spending fun-filled holidays and weekends by attending live events, exhibitions, or cinema? Are you looking to book your tickets online? Would you like to sell your event tickets or fan entry? Then, let’s check all the details of BO Tuentrada com, a Bolivia event management website.

About Tuentrada BO Tuentrada com:

PiensaHost owns Established in 2011, PiensaHost provides hosting services and software solutions to its clients. PiensaHost and serve their customers from most Spanish-speaking countries. is an e-ticketing platform selling slots for all types of events with the help of different marketing tools. Additionally, PiensaHost also supports application development for its clients looking for customized solutions.

The Features of Bolivia: included terms of use and privacy policy but unspecified its physical address, customer service contact number, email, delivery, returns, refunds, and exchange policies. Leonardo Rejas Antelo is the owner of, and Hugo is the administrative contact. does not publish newsletters, but the FAQ section was included. CloudFlare Inc., USA, is its ISP provider. has 328 backlinks, including 17 Do-Followup links. It has a load time of 3.38 seconds, with a 66% D-performance grade, which is considered slow.

It relays its services from server serial# b3bddff8a7845bbce903a04135b34a45, 079e492886376fd40848c23fc631e463, and 4001772137d4e942b8ee76aa3c640ab7, targeting and located in Japan and the USA respectively.

Pros of Bolivia:

  • A wide selection of events are offered at
  • supports mobile devices and changes to your tickets
  • Detailed descriptions of the event, specification about the venue and timings is available


  • does not support reselling your slots or fan tickets
  • It allows a maximum of six tickets per purchase
  • Refund and payment terms were unspecified

The legitimacy of was registered one-year and 19-days ago, on 2nd/September/2022, in Tarija, Bolivia. has a short life expectancy as its registration will expire within 11-months, and 13-days on 2nd/September/2024. Bolivia gained an excellent 100% trust, an average 61.6% business, 19% suspicion, 17% threat, 11% malware, 7% spam, and 17% phishing scores, 11/100 Domain Authority(DA), and a poor 1,414,234 Alexa rank. uses a valid HTTPS protocol and is not blacklisted. Its IP has Low-Domain Validated Certificates(DV-SSL) for the next 88-days. 

Traffic analysis: has an average visitor duration of 00:02:03, with a 13.44% bounce rate. had an average of 8.8K visitors in 2023. has an average 179 visitors monthly from Bolivia(81%), the United States(6%), Spain(5%), Chile(3%), and Argentina(2%), yielding a $9 traffic value.

Customer BO Tuentrada com reviews: does not support customer reviews. Five FB reviews rated it at terrible 1/5-stars. However, certain events offered by it, such as Danny Ocean Tour 2023, gained good ratings. Click here to learn about PayPal scams, as seven website reviews were neutral.

Social media links:

Conclusion: seems not an entirely legitimate website. Though it gained an excellent trust score, its customer ratings were poor; it scored high on suspicion, threat, malware, and phishing profiles. Click here to learn more about Phishing. Hence, BO Tuentrada com is unsafe for user devices, personal and payment data. has a short life expectancy. Click here to learn more about Credit Card scams, as no user reviews were present on customer review websites.

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