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Bnbpay Coin (Sep 2021) Price, Prediction & How To Buy!

In this article, we will read about Bnbpay Coin and all the other market statistics related to the coin.

Different Wallets have launched their digital currency. Recently, a handy and famous wallet of cryptocurrency BNB pay launched its digital currency, which is trending in countries like Australia and India.

This new wallet currency is known as the Bnbpay Coin and is trending all over the cryptocurrency market. Investors are highly interested and are showing keen interest in holding this coin, so in this article, we will provide you will all the essential details about this coin that you should know.

What Is BNB pay?

It is a digital cryptocurrency market that can be used to pay the expenses and earn the $BPAY awards with the crypto tokens that we keep. This wallet Is also considered as the future of all the merchant payments of crypto. Recently this digital currency wallet has also launched its Bnbpay Coin, which we will read further in this article.

BNB wallet is a decentralized payment system that lets us make payments in e-commerce stores or shops by just paying in pennies. It also helps us protect our identities because of its pseudonymous payment system.

Founders Of BNB pay coin:

There is no information available about the founder of this coin, but we do know the founder and the team behind the BNB pay wallet, so the founder of the BNB pay is Season Phang, and the other three team members are James, Francis, Sarah.

Current Price Of The Bnbpay Coin:

The live price of this coin right now is around 0.005301USD, and it has twenty-four hours of trading value of about 2,020,899 USD. And it is noted that in the last twenty-four hours, this coin’s price went up by 201.43 percent. 

According to its coin market cap, the ranking of this coin is #603, and 32,386,527USD as its live market cap. The BNB pay coin has a maximum supply of 10,000,000,000 coins of BPAY, and on the other hand, this coin consists of 6,110,021,585 BPAY coins as its circulating supply.

Price Chart of BPAY Coin:

Here we have listed all the important data related to Bnbpay Coin. Go through this for a better view of the coin.

  • Price of the coin- 0.004826USD
  • 24-hour price change- 0.003062
  • Twenty-four high and low of the BPAY coin- 0.001752 USD /0.006448 USD
  • Twenty-four-hour trading volume o BPAY coin- 2,020,898.24USD
  • Market cap of BPAY Coin- 0.0624
  • Market rank of the BPAY coin- #603
  • By coin market dominance- 0.00 percent.
  • Fully diluted market cap of BPAY coin- 53,005,585.94 USD

Price Prediction Of BPAY Coin:

According to the price prediction of the Bnbpay Coin, it is estimated that the coin price after three years at the starting of January 2024 will be 0.0138409898, and by the end of 2024, the price of the coin will be 0.0109154548 USD.

How To Buy BPAY Coin?

  •  Install meta mask
  •  Fill up BNB in your wallet
  •  Visit pancake swap
  •  Link your wallet to the pancake swap
  •  Select the BPAY coins in your pancake swap
  •  In the last step, swap your BPAY coin.


Q1) what can be the lowest price of BPAY coin in the future?

Answer) 0.0068128943 USD


In this article, we have read about Bnbpay Coin, a coin launched by a decentralized and pseudonymous payment wallet. Read here if you want to know how to spot a bitcoin scammer. 

Have you ever used a BNB pay wallet? If yes, then do comment below.

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