Bnb to PHP Converter {Aug 2021} How to Buy? Coin Price

Bnb to PHP Converter {Aug 2021} How to Buy? Coin Price >> Here in this article, we will read about the price of very famous crypto in pesos and also know its buying provision.

Every investor is looking for new cryptos to invest . And the market of cryptos is expanding rapidly, and new currencies are being launched every day. In this article, we will give you all the information, including Bnb to PHP Converter, about the Binance Coin so that you can easily make an informed choice. 

This coin is currently very popular in the Philippines and if you also want to know more about the Binance Coin, then read this full article. 

What is BNB Token?

BNB or Binance Coin is a cryptocurrency used to pay transactions and trading fees on the Binance Exchange ecosystem. It is a very popular utility token that can be bought and sold as a cryptocurrency and provides you with several benefits for Bnb to PHP Converter. The BNB coin used to run on the Ethereum blockchain with ERC 20 standards in its initial stages, but with time it now runs as the native coin of the Binance platform. Before moving further, let’s look at the Price statistics. 

Current price of BNB coin in PHP:

According to the research that we have done, The current price of the Binance coin when converted into PHP for pesos is around 16,535.52 pesos. But, on the other hand, the BNB coin has a huge circulating supply of one hundred and fifty-five million coins, and also it has a total value of 71,716,579,228 pesos in exchange.

Price chart of Bnb to PHP Converter:

  • Current price- 16,384.44 pesos.
  • 24 hour range- 17,231.55 pesos
  • Market cap of the coin- 2562,885,609,297 pesos
  • Circulating supply of the coin- 154,533,651 pesos
  • Twenty-four hour trading volume of BNB to pesos- 68,476,789,724
  • Fully diluted valuation of BNB to pesos- 2,828,239,913,972
  • Max supply- 170,533,651

How to Convert BNB into PHP?

Follow these steps to convert your BNB into PHP.

  • First, go to the website and select BNB coin, and confirm your transaction.
  • Then, you need to install the and then swap your coin.
  • Then, to convert Bnb to PHP Converter enter the address of your BNB token and then tap swap.
  • And then after conversing, your coin goes to your wallet and tap send.
  • Now, in the last step, enter the amount of Ethereum transfer all your axi infinity.
  • Once all the ETH coins get into your account, convert the coins.

How to Buy BNB coin?

Here we have listed all the steps which we need to follow for purchasing BNB coin.

  • In the first step, we need to register our account with an exchange platform that permits you to buy BNB.
  • Then you need to deposit all the funds into your account for Bnb to PHP Converter.
  • Then lastly, you need to buy BNB.


Here we have mentioned some of the frequently asked questions: –

Q1) what is the total supply of BNB?

Answer) The total supply of BNB coins is 170,533,651.

Q2) what is the price of BNB to PHP coin?

Answer) the price is around 16,384.44 pesos.

Q3) what is the total volume of BNB?

Answer) the total volume is around 170,533,651.

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Here in this article, we will read about BNB token and the price of Bnb to PHP Converter, and here we have listed all the important facts related to the coins that you all need to know about before converting your BNB coin into PHP.

Have you ever purchased a cryptocurrency and converted it into PHP? If yes, then comment down below.

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