Bmon Contract Address 2021

Bmon Contract Address (July) Chart, Contract Address!

Bmon Contract Address (July) Chart, Contract Address! >> If you are planning to buy this token, then wait and read the below article to be sure about this token. 

The cryptocurrency market is growing and gaining popularity day by day. More and more people are engaging with the crypto market and want to buy tokens. There are many people who want to buy new tokens and gain profits from them. 

Today we are going to review and give you in-depth information about Bmon Contract Address as it is requested by many people belonging to the Philippines.

What is the Bmon token? 

Bmon is a token that can be used to make in-game purchases in a game known as Binamon. This game is very popular in the Philippines. You can play this game and express your skills to earn Bmon coins that is a Blockchain-based game token. This token is performing good in recent days. This token works on the Binance platform. 

We tried to find the founders of this token, but no information could be gathered. Read the below article to know more about Bmon Contract Address.

Price chart of Bmon token:

Based on our research about this game token, we managed to get many details on it.

According to the information collected from the Coin market cap, the current price of this Bmon token is $0.262, and the coin is down by 32% in the past 24 hours. 

Other information about Bmon token : 

  • The trading volume of the Bmon token is $40,826587.35
  • The market rank of this token is #2552
  • The maximum supply of this coin is 300,000,000.
  • Fully diluted market capitalization is $80,976,739.
  • The volume of the Bmon token is 41,686,347.
  • All-time low/high is $0.005857/ $0.4851.

All the above-provided details about this token are taken from the Coin Market cap.

Bmon Contract Address and some important info.

We have provided all the details for informational purposes only. If you are/have planned to buy this Bmon token, then take this as a disclaimer from our side as we are not financial advisers. We recommend that you should know about this token in detail and do your own research too. The official contract address is provided in the FAQ section.

How can you buy this token? 

As of our research on this token, we got to know that this is a game based token, and this token can be earned by playing the game known as Binamon, in which you can also make in-game purchases by using this token. Considered on Bmon Contract Address token can be purchased on PancakeSwap, DODO BSC and ZT. 

Prediction of Bmon token : 

The price of this token in 2021-2023 could reach from $0.4527 to 0.5502

And in the years 2024-2026, this token can also reach a price of $0.6200 to $0.6506.

FAQ’s about this token : 

  1. Where can we found more details about the Bmon token? 

Ans. To know more details about this token, read here:  

  1. How to get the official contract address of the Bmon token?

Ans. The official Bmon Contract Address  is : 0x08ba0619b1e7a582e0bce5bbe9843322c954c340

which is  gathered from coin market cap.

  1. What is the all-time high of the Bmon token? 

Ans. The all-time high of the Bmon token was yesterday, which was $0.4851.


Wrapping up the article here by providing you with all the basic and necessary information which you would need. We say that this token can provide you with a decent amount of profits, but again we are not here to influence you to buy this token and for trading download best crypto app 2021. So research on your own too.

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