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Blueface Baby Hernia Photo Twitter: Explore Details On Account And Picture

Please check Blueface Baby Hernia Photo Twitter Account, Chrisean Rock Picture, Photos, Son, and more information about this viral news.

Have you been looking for Blueface Baby Hernia images? Are you also searching for this trending viral news about Chrisean Rock? People from the United StatesSouth AfricaCanada, and the United Kingdom are more interested in this news. Let’s discuss Blueface Baby Hernia Photo Twitter through this post.

What is in Blueface Baby Hernia Photo Twitter?

According to recent reports, Rapper Blueface is facing criticism on social media when he posted a graphic image of his newborn baby. The explicit social media posts revealed a complete lack of planning on the part of the father, and people mostly worried about Blueface Son Hernia Picture and his welfare.

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What did Blueface say in his official tweet?

It was September 24 when Blueface and his ex-girlfriend Chrisean Rock shared a photo of his newborn baby with the world. He, while sharing a sensitive image of his son, told her girlfriend worried about their little baby’s condition. On sharing Blueface Baby Hernia Photos Twitter, he added their son has not had the surgery for a hernia. In another tweet, he mentioned, Chrisean was not a good mother as per sources. The rapper said, “pushing the surgery back, missing the appointments so she can do what she wants.

However, after sharing the Blueface Baby Hernia Picture, the reaction of different people, and receiving criticism, he is seen taking all the blame off himself. The next day, his Tweet reads his phone was stolen, and his account had been hacked.

What did the baby’s mother say on Chrisean Rock Baby Hernia Photo?

As Blueface attacked Chrisean Rock, she also did not remain silent. As per sources, in response to the accusations on social media, she said He does require surgery, but he hasn’t had any. His hernia needs surgery since his father keeps talking about these things.

How did people react on Blueface Baby Hernia Photos Twitter?

People could not believe how a father could talk about his son and share sensitive private images online. Netizens took this matter seriously and told them there should be strict action for his reaction. The reactions on Twitter are different, but all show their anger towards how he raised the issue.

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Blueface Baby Hernia Picture– legal actions?

In a subsequent Instagram live, Rock herself commented on the situation, saying: “Blueface, you’re going to jail.” As per sources, in another part of the stream, she added, “I’m pressing charges, that’s all I have to say.” Rock said, “I already have my attorney working on it.”

On Blueface Twitter Account Hernia, she continued by saying that Blueface was “lying” when he claimed that his Twitter account had been hacked. UNILAD has contacted Blueface and Chrisean Rock’s agents for comment.

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Blueface Son Hernia Picture brought a storm of criticism on the internet. People react differently to the reaction of Blueface and Chrisean Rock on how they are handling the matter. It is widely shared on Twitter and is now viral. They are both seen blaming each other on Blueface Twitter Account Hernia images. You can check Chrisean Rock’s reaction after Blueface shared the images on social media.

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