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Blockbuster Video Comeback: Is The Website For The Coming Back Game Accessile? Know Truth Now!

Blockbuster Video Comeback write-up has discussed a cryptic message on a video rental service provider website that sent fans in frenzy.

Is brick-and-mortar video retail chain Blockbuster staging a comeback? Does a new business idea have hit the company management? The cryptic message on the Blockbuster website has started a rumour of its comeback. 

The 1980 DVD retail chain company has many nostalgic memories for its customers as they shared some of it online. The rise of streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime ousted the Blockbuster chain in early 2000. Blockbuster Video Comeback is awaited by many of its old customers in the United States as they calculate the chances of its re-opening.

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Blockbuster Website Displays Opening Message:

A message on the DVD retail chain giant Blockbuster has started the rumour of its returning to business. The message on its website read, “we are working on rewinding of your movies”, with no further details. 

This cryptic message appeared on the company site in November 2022 but remained unnoticed till recently. Netizens shared their thoughts on this cryptic message and hoped for its comeback.

Blockbuster Video Game Rentals:

Blockbuster became a hanging place for many movie goers as they watched their favourite movies on DVS with additional services. Its effort to compete with streaming and other cheaper rental service companies didn’t work in 2005. 

Video game rental services can be a viable idea for Blockbuster as online games need infrastructure and other purchases, making it a costly affair. Sometimes old games vanish from the store, and gamers find it hard to get them from the sources.

Blockbuster video game rentals can be a good option for gamers who can’t afford to buy every console. 

Blockbuster Video Website Twitter Message:

The company has its last functional store in Bend, Oregon, and its manager, Sandi, feels it has a few more years of business. Sandi Harding also stated that everything could change in a heartbeat, and Blockbuster’s 15th March message echoed his feeling. 

The company’s Twitter account posted a message on 15th March “New Business Idea: We are going back to the bank and using DVD and VHS as currency”. This message has garnered 443.4k views with 1065 retweets and 7506 likes. People also speculated on different business ideas to help Blockbuster return to its good days.

Reddit Reacts to Blockbuster Return Tweet:

The entertainment community on Reddit has reacted to Blockbuster’s return message with many hilarious comments. A Reddit user commented that he didn’t return a copy of Iron Giant that he rented in 2007, and if the company comes for collection, he may have to sell his house.

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Final verdict:

The social media speculated on the return of video rental service provider Blockbuster and shared some exciting business ideas

Do you think that Blockbuster can enter Video game rental services? Please comment.

Blockbuster Video Comeback: FAQs

Q.1    When did the first Blockbuster store open?

Blockbuster opened its first store in 1985 in Dallas.

Q.2   How many stores did Blockbuster operate in 1988?

It operated more than 400 stores in 1988.

Q.3   Which company owns the Blockbuster brand?

Dish Network owns the Blockbuster brand.

Q.4.   When did the DVD rental service provider Company file for bankruptcy?

The company filed for bankruptcy in September 2010.

Q.5    How have netizens reacted to the Blockbuster comeback message?

Netizens became nostalgic for Blockbuster’s return message and hoped for its return with viable business ideas.

Q.6   Is Blockbuster Coming Back a reality?

The company officials have not made any comment on its comeback message.

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