Blade Knight IO {Aug} Coin Price, Chart, Prediction!


Blade Knight IO {Aug} Coin Price, Chart, Prediction >> The article consists of a newly introduced Crypto token based on blockchain technology and supports gaming NFT.

Are you a person who is interested and excited in trading and investment in Cryptocurrencies, which have a higher return potential? Do you also want to explore other newly introduced Crypto tokens to diversify your Crypto portfolio? Read this article to know more.

 The Crypto market is getting acceptance from Investors from the PhilippinesBrazil, and other parts of the world as the returns generated by these Cryptocurrencies are massive than other investments. So Crypto allocation is a good choice to make a healthy investment portfolio, including Blade Knight IO.

About Blade Knight Token

It is a newly introduced digital token that supports NFT gaming. The symbol for this NFT token is BK, and it helps to gain token rewards to upgrade features while gaming. 

This Crypto token is also a modern game based on blockchain technology on Binance Smart Chain, a secure and fast exchange-based efficient engine for decentralized digital assets.

Blade Knight founder

No details or information regarding the founder of this Crypto is found. An update will be made if any new information regarding the founder or its investor is found. 

Blade Knight IO

  • The current price of BK is trading at $0.00781062, which is a 20% increase in the token price from the previous day’s closing. 
  • The previous day’s closing was for $0.006487.
  • The contract address of this token is: 0x2bfe217caa076027ac24af0e261ed311478ddf78

More about Blade Knight Token and its market supply

  • The total supply of this digital token is 700,000 BK.
  • The total number of holders is 2,933 addresses.
  • Market rank details are not available anywhere.
  • The maximum supply of this NFT token is not found.
  • Data regarding the Circulating supply is unavailable.
  • Fully diluted market cap data of Blade Knight IO is not available.

How to buy Blade Knight Crypto Token?

There is no information regarding the Crypto platform where an investor or trader can invest or trade in BK tokens. If any platform update regarding buying the Blade Knight token, we will update the information.


Q1: Is there any official website for Blade Knight Token?

A1: As per the information, is their official website, but currently, the website is not functioning properly. No information is available on this website.

Q2: Is there any Twitter page related to this token?

A2: Yes, Blade Knight IO has a Twitter page @BladeKnightNFT, where there are updates about the activities and updates regarding this token.

Q3: Can we invest or trade-in Blade Knight Token using the panecakeswap platform?

A3: Unfortunately, Panecakeswap is currently not providing any facility to trade or invest in BK. There are no other platforms available for trading BK tokens as of now.

Q4: Can the user use BK tokens to update the features in the NFT gaming?

A4: BK provides an NFT gaming facility, and the users can avail themselves of the advanced gaming features and rewards by using the Blade Knight IO tokens to update the characters present in the game and upgrade the tools and weapons to help advance into higher levels of the game using this NFT token. 

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Investing in Crypto is a new investing revolution that has started with Bitcoin. The volatility of Crypto is high so consider the historic data before investing a huge amount of money. 

As an informed investor, please do let us know about your experience in Crypto trading and investing. 

To know more about this new Crypto token, Blade Knight IO, check this link.

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