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Blackchully Toto Video- Full Viral On Twitter, Reddit, Telegram & Tiktok!

The article describes the recent incident of the video leak of Blackchully Toto Video and also focuses on her personal and professional life. 

Do you know who Blackcully is? And why is her name trending all over Nigeria? Blackchully is one of the social media influencers who uploaded a video on social media. The video is private and is now circulating on social media.

Blackcully wants to find out who leaked her video on the public forum. We need to find out the trust of Blackchully Toto Video.


Disclaimer: We don’t promote or support this kind of video. We are using it for only news purposes. We don’t also publish this video due to unavoidable reasons. But you can also check the social media link for more.

What is the news? 

Blackchully is famous for her social media content. She is renowned for her comedy acting. But recently, some users and followers found her private video on social media. After this video was uploaded on social media, many people watched and shared the video. 

Meanwhile, Blackchully understood the subject and searched for who was responsible for this video leakage. The report also says Blackchully was not responsible for uploading the video. She already informed the whole incident of local police and begged for a proper investigation to find the truth. 

Full Viral On Twitter

The report says that the video is uploaded to the social media platform Twitter. After getting this news, we checked and searched for the information on this platform. We find many people have watched the video on Twitter, and many people have also shared the video. 

But while we check various Twitter accounts online, we need help finding the private video link. But we see the users talking about the video as well. And the discussion about the video is trending on this platform. The video is also uploaded on another social platform.

Is it uploaded on Reddit

The reports also say that it is uploaded on other social media. For this reason, we also check out these social media accounts. While we checked this platform, we found that the video link is posted on this page. The video was published three days back. 

Check the right side of this platform to watch the video of Blackchully. It is also saying the video is a leak video. On the left-hand side of the page, an image of Blackchully was also uploaded. But we didn’t check the video or its authenticity. 

Do You Find Video on Other social media?

Many found it on Telegram. For this reason, we also search out this account. But we need help finding a link to Blackchully’s video on this channel.

Short Biography of Blackchully

Full Name/Real Name- Anizoba ljeoma Precious

Nickname- Blackchully

Date of Birth- 22 September 1991

Marital Status- Single 

Place of Birth- No data 

Religion- Christian

Profession- social media Artist and Comedian

Husband Name- Doesn’t arise. 

Partner Name- Bibano Omomummy Bibano Omomummy 

Net Worth- 300,000 USD 

Nationality- Nigerian

Why She is Famous?

Blachchully is famous for her video content on social media. She generally uploads her video content on Tiktok. Most interestingly, her leaked video was also uploaded on this platform. 

Blackchully is also active on other social media such as Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.

The social media Links

You can also check the social media links to learn more about her and the issue.





The Update

Meanwhile, the local legal authority and the cyber cell are trying to find the culprit who actually leaked the video. It is also rumoured that Blackchully has given Bibano all the passwords of her dating partner. Check the link to learn more about Blackchully.

Blackchully Toto Video– FAQ 

1) Who is Blachchully? 

Famous social media artist?

2) Is she lesbian?


3) Where was she born?


4) Where is Active?

On TikTok and other social media as well. 

5) Is she having any partner?


6) Is she having proper education?


7) What is Blackchully’s Ethnicity?


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