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BK to PHP (Aug) Price, Prediction & Contract Address!

BK to PHP (Aug) Price, Prediction & Contract Address! >> This Crypto article contains all the information from basic facts to the price & market supply of the trendy Crypto token and conversion method.

Are you a Crypto trader? Are you willing to know the Philippines currency conversion of the trendy Butterfly token?

In this news blog, you will be introduced to the most trending Crypto token conversion detail as well as its current price and market supply.

Let’s start the ‘BK to PHP’ blog with the few lines about the token-

Basic Details of Butterfly Token:

BK token or Butterfly token has another common name in Chinese- Butterfly coin is the modern generation of digital currency that uses the latest blockchain technology. As per the news, the token was designated by 17 well-known economists belonging to the United States, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, the United Kingdom and Switzerland.

The reports have revealed that the token uses a complex model of economics to design & it anchors the diversification of the digital currency to understand the magnification of the investment value. Searching about BK to PHP has shown us that the token has the capacity to anchor over 100 mainstream online assets, including BTC, EOS, ETH, NEO, XMR, XRP, DASH, LTC and so on at the fixed exchange value. Today with the innovative technology, everything has been changing rapidly, including Crypto, so traders always need to update themselves about the new technology and blockchain system.

The Price Details:

The token is growing its existence overseas, even in the Philippines. The currency price of this token is still unknown as there is no data found while researching the titular topic BK to PHP on the leading Crypto exchange platform as well as its own web portal.

The Market Supply of BK Token:

The detailed list is given below-

  • Market Cap: According to recent data, the market cap is 1908558398301$. The current market cap is up by 5.7%.
  • Exchange: The real exchange that has been done till the date is 488.
  • 24h Volume: It is 138627219897$.
  • Coins: Till the data, it is 8825.
  • Dominance: It is BTC 44.7% and ETH 19.2%.
  • Contract Address: The contract address is 0xd2e46fcde7ad104c86266f3bd5f50f8a852c8415.
  • Website Link: The official website link is https://www.bk.run/.
  • Tags: Token.
  • Total Supply: 7,579,185,859 Butterfly token.

Conversion Details of BK to PHP:

Sorry to inform our readers, as there is no specific data related to this matter, we couldn’t provide you the price details of 1 BK in Peso. Please keep reading our daily blogs on Cryptocurrency for future updates.

How & Where to trade the Butterfly token?

During the search about Peso conversion of BK token, we checked the trading methods and the platform from which a new user can trade. However, unfortunately, no details were obtained over the internet. So, due to lack of data, we couldn’t provide any information about the process; but, if any update posts, then we are here to inform you on the same matter.


  • What is 1 BK to PHP?

Ans- No data has been visible.

  • What is the BK token’s API ID?

Ans- The API ID is the butterfly.

Final Thought:

According to the sources, the token is based on new blockchain technology; however, the recent price is still not available. The reports on BK token also revealed its market supply and contract address details. Are you interested in investing in digital currency? Then read here to know about the best Cryptocurrency to invest in 2021 for the long term? Do you want to know more about the ‘BK to PHP’ conversion matter? Please comment below.

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