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Bitrise Token Coin (Dec) How To Buy? Contract Address

Would you please learn about the live price of the Bitrise Token Coin? Then read this post thoroughly.

Are you dreaming of earning millions for every transaction you make for a token? What if we introduce the same to you?

The traders of the United States want a platform that helps them with ample facilities, including zero transaction fees, thus providing secure payments. In addition, they want a transparent medium through which they can see their capital growing with time. 

But, few of them look for specialization in blockchain security to secure smart contracts. Therefore, the Bitrise Token Coin provides all the above facilities on a single platform. So, let us determine it carefully.

About And What Does Bitrise Offer?

It is a payment network token that awards the investors to hold tokens in BNB, intending to apply the Buyback approach in their community. Moreover, Bitrise offers the buyers and sellers to negotiate with each other directly through P2P services.

However, its native Bitrise Token promotes payment system services with faster and lower transaction fees without considering third parties. 

Now let us discuss its founder in more detail. 

Who is The Owner Of Bitrise Token Coin?

At present, no data has been found regarding the founder’s name. Therefore, if we notice any new information regarding them, we will let you know through our post.  

Advantages of Bitrise 

  • Instant rewards: For just holding, you will be awarded 4% of every transaction. 
  • Regular burns: The tokens that Bitrise buys burn to obtain their maximum value in future. 
  • Buyback facility: To promote the Buyback system, Bitrise will add 5% of each transaction to your wallet. 

What Causes Bitrise To Grow Rapidly? 

For every transaction of Bitrise Token Coin, a 12% tax is charged, with which the 5% is stored in the Buyback contract, which immediately purchases tokens. As a result, the token’s reduction is maintained, which increases its price. Due to its Buyback facility, some of the holders of Shiba Inu, Dogecoin and Safemoon have joined Bitrsie.

Let us research more about the token’s actual price. 

Live Price of Bitrise Token

For today, the BRISE’s price is $0.0000001543 with a 60.07% up. In addition, it has a 24-hour volume of $2,666,313. 

Total Supply And Other Statistical Data 

  • Its fully diluted market cap is $142,074,034.
  • The 7-day low of Bitrise Token Coin is $0.00000003115.
  • The token’s market cap is not available.
  • Its all-time low value is unavailable.
  • The 24-hour volume of BRISE is $2,666,313.
  • 7-day high of Bitrise token $0.0000001833.
  • The market rank of BRISE is 2956.
  • Its circulating supply is inaccessible.
  • The max supply of Bitrise tokens is 1,000,000,000,000,000.
  • The all-time high of BRISE is $0.00000404.

Where To Buy It? 

At present, the top exchanges for Bitrise tokens are PancakeSwap (V2), XT.COM and IndoEx. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. State the official site of Bitrise Token Coin.

A1.  BRISE’s URL is https://bitrisetoken.com.

Q2. Identify the Contract Address of BRISE?

A2. 0x8fff93e810a2edaafc326edee51071da9d398e83 is the BRISE’s Contract Address. 

Q3. How can online traders buy BRISE?

A3. If you want to buy Bitrsie, you can refer to top exchanges, including IndoEx, PancakeSwap (V2) and XT.COM. 

To learn more updates on the token, kindly visit here. 

The Final Verdict 

In this write-up, the full details of BRISE are explained thoroughly, including total and market supply. Also, we have learnt the live price of Bitrise Token Coin, which is $0.0000001543 at present. 

However, the main plus point of this token is that it offers a Buyback facility to its users. In addition, the top exchanges of BRISE are PancakeSwap (V2), IndoEx and XT.COM. 

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What are the key features of this token? Let us know your thoughts in the comment box. 

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