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Bitkort Giveaway Scam {April} Beware And Know Truth!

Have you seen how the Bitkort Giveaway Scam is fooling traders? Please know its connected details and people’s feedback.

Do you want to adapt points to a trendy giveaway scam? Then, kindly ensure to study this article properly to be protected from it.

According to a thread, fraudsters offer giveaway scams to people claiming they have or can receive a gift by giving them some capital. Moreover, these scams are commonly encountered in regions like the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. So, if you want to interpret more knowledge about a recent Bitkort Giveaway Scam, please read this writing carefully. 

What Is The Scam? 

This scam is currently operating and they are luring people on pretext of gifts and giveaway on a small amount. Moreover, many threads implied that it is yet another crypto scam trying to fool traders. The website is also from an anonymous source, raising the suspicion.

In addition, the investigation exposed that the scam giveaway had been sent to different traders, leading to several questions about the website. So, let us intensely discuss the critical points of the scam in the below section. 

How Is Fraud Happening?

While researching for Is Bitkort A Scam threads, we encountered a source with a user comment getting a message, code, and gift from an unknown individual over Discord. Moreover, the post further explained that the user retained a prize from After following the instructions given, the user discovered an actual gift. 

However, for redeeming it, the user asked to pay some money to a bitcoin address. We have received much other public feedback for this scam, similar to this comment. We will mention some more comments regarding this fraud in the underlying paragraph. 

Netizens Bitkort Review

On a fraud prevention tool site, we noticed several clients’ views where many of them exposed as a swindler. But, user feedback marked it a legit scam and hinted to others to read the website’s terms and agreement section. Moreover, on Trustpilot, the people have tagged it as a fraud, gaining 2.8 stars out of 5. 

About The Website

As per its official portal, it is a protected and straightforward medium to construct and avail benefits from cryptocurrency assets. 

Authenticity Inquiring Points

  • Trust Rank– This site attained a low, i.e., 27.2/100 trust rank value. 
  • Domain Creation Date– The Bitkort Giveaway Scam threads highlighted that the portal registered on 10-02-2022, implying that it is a newly invented site. 
  • Alexa Rank– 1,600,621 value is retained for this website. 
  • Site Freezing Date– 10-02-2023 is the cessation date of
  • Trust Score– An unreliable 1% value is found employing our algorithm. 

How To Shield From These Frauds?

  • You should not click or visit any suspicious link and enter any personal credentials.
  • If you have already been scammed, change your banking pins or passwords to avoid additional loss. 

The Final Talk

In this composition, we have examined the Bitkort Giveaway Scam strings to notice the history. However, upon researching, we noticed that this fraud asks traders to deposit some amount for claiming the gift. Read here to notice the shielding ways to the online scams.

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Do you have more threads to this giveaway? Kindly, write your thoughts below. 

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