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Bitcoin Blog “Write For Us” – Contributor Guidelines!

All the writers and readers who wish to learn about content writing and wish to explore, Bitcoin Blog “Write For Us” will help you with the details.

Are you planning to contribute to content writing or growing your career in the field? How can write for us help you grow as a content writer? Where will your articles be published? All the readers and the writers who are looking to grow their career can benefit from this opportunity. 

“Write for Us” allows you to write guest posts on Bitcoin where you need to help readers with relevant and up to date information. If you think you’re the best fit for this post, then please read this article about Bitcoin Blog “Write For Us to know the details. 

For Whom You Will Write?

Before we inform you, other details related to this post, let’s first find out the details for the website you will be writing for. You will be contributing to Rationalinsurgent.com, which provides unbiased views about different topics related to health, news, IT, gaming, technology, website and product reviews to their customers. 

The overall goal of this website is to inform readers with reliable and updated information, providing them 360-degree answers with their blog. Writers need to make sure that the information provided by them is purely informational and has no promotional intent. 

Bitcoin Write for Us: What are the Guidelines for the Post?

Now that you have details for the website you will be writing for, this section will help you with some guidelines for how your post will begin. These are: 

  • The content that will be provided by the writers need to eliminate all the grammatical errors and must be easy to read or scan for the internet. 
  • All the content provided by the readers also needs to be 100% unique and original. It must not have any copied content in it. 
  • Writers also need to make sure that they are strictly following the word count provided for Write For Us Bitcoin Blog Guest Post, which will be 500 or 750 words. 

How to Find the Relevant Links for Your Posts?

After helping you with all the links and required details, this section will help you with some tips for finding reliable reference links. 

  • Always make sure that the links you’re using have a high trust score and their spam score needs to be lower than 3%. 
  • The links you are referring to also must have updated information and no outdated facts must be provided by the same. 
  • While writing the content for Write For Us + Bitcoin Blog, you always need to make sure that it is purely informational and has no promotional intent. 

How to Contact Us?

If you think that you fit well for the post and can contribute the same to the website, then please share your details at braydenwilson763@gmail.com. If you have already written some samples, please share the same for the reference. Our team members will go through the provided details and will connect with you in the next 24 hours. 

Final Verdict:

All the enthusiastic writers can reach mass and gain 1000+ traffic on their post through a  learn SEO friendly writing. But, you have to follow all the guidelines for sharing Write For Us + “Bitcoin Blog” posts. 

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