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Bit Shiba Price (Nov 2021) Contract Address, How To Buy?

The guide shares the live market statistics and the Bit Shiba Price for worldwide investors interested in the coin.

A new coin has been launched as the upbringing of the Doge and Shiba Inu family, and it is referred to as Bit Shiba. Like the ferocious and angry face in the logo, the coin is all set to emerge as the descendant of its ancestors.

It aims to take over the prized splendor of the ancestors while seizing the hearts of the Crypto community. It aims to reach the moon and beyond when the mass adoption and future utility will heighten.

Investors in the United States and India are focused on investing in it and want to know the live Bit Shiba Price.   

What is Bit Shiba?

Bit Shiba is the one-of-its-kind fully community-owned project seeking to offer equal financial aids to all the people within its community. It was launched as the peer-to-peer meme digital coin to serve the community while rising via charts.

It aims to create a full blockchain ecosystem by launching the next-gen NFTs, staking, farming, and other cross-chain transactions in the future. Furthermore, the coin aims to empower the community of investors by giving them full control over the project and deciding what is good and bad for the project.

After its launch, the Bit Shiba Price has been magnified, and investors are eager to know.

The Founders

We have checked the Litepaper and the official site of the token and found no results. Therefore, we are unsure who the CEO, Founders, is and the Team are behind the Crypto token launch. So, we can’t share the names of the people behind this newly launched Crypto token.

However, the developers are active on Discord, Twiiter, and Telegram. You can check some of the facts on their social media page.

What are the Present Bit Shiba Price and Market Statistics?

Based on the live data available, the price recorded in the last 24 hours is $1.85e-7 with a hike of 231.15%. The trading volume of the coin recorded in the previous 24 hrs is $12 041 957. Therefore, the real-time hike in the trading volume is 214.34%.

The coin has secured the market ranking of #2790. Unfortunately, we found no data on market capitalization, while the fully diluted market capitalization of the coin is $184 697 531. Therefore, it is decided according to the present Bit Shiba Price.

In terms of total circulating supply, we have no data. But the maximum supply of the coin available in the market is 1 000 000 000 000 000 SHIBA.

How to Buy Bit Shiba?

  • Bit Shiba is available for trading in Binance Smart Chain
  • Link your digital wallet to BSC
  • Buy BNB using the fiat currency
  • Find the Bit Shiba Coin using the contract address 0xB84cBbF09b3Ed388a45cD875ebba41a20365e6e7
  • Click on the icon of the Bit Shiba
  • Check the live Bit Shiba Price
  • Enter the number of tokens you want to buy
  • Swap the BNB for Bit Shiba Coin    


Q1. Which is the Official Link of Bit Shiba?

A1. All details of the coin can be found on the official website https://bitshiba.io/

Q2. What is the Correct Address for Investing in Bit Shiba?

A2. The correct contract address is 0xB84cBbF09b3Ed388a45cD875ebba41a20365e6e7

Q3. Where is Bit Shiba Available for Trading?

A3. Binance Smart Chain is the exchange where you can buy Bit Shiba Coin.


 As you are aware of the platform and the live price of Bit Shiba Coin, you can invest in it. But don’t forget to check the Bit Shiba Price before investing as it keeps fluctuating. Moreover, it is equally important to check the Future of Cryptocurrency in 2021 before investing to make a wise investment decision.

What is your opinion on the new Bit Shiba Coin? Would you mind sharing it in the comment section?

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