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#BirdWorld has Raised $1,800,000 in IDO Series B Round

Great news to all BirdWorld users! The project has positively elevated $1,800,000 in its accomplished preliminary DEX contribution (IDO) Series B Round for the LAB crypto. The game functions a twin-token scheme with LAB assisting as the governance digital currency and LAN utilized for in-game dealings. Please wait for the Series C Round to open if you were unable to purchase this round. The start time for the Series C Round will be officially announced.

#BirdWorld is organized on the BNB Chain (called Binance Smart Chain or BSC before), and notwithstanding the congestion and displeased crypto marketplace, an IDO was an enormous achievement.

Additional information relating to IDO Series B Round

The achievement of the #BirdWorld IDO Series B Round was mainly because of the squad and the group’s contribution. Rising $1,500,000 is not simple, particularly with the present crypto marketplace conditions, but #BirWorld team has raised $1,800,000 in this round. As the enthusiasm of the users, extra $300,000 will be moved to the Series C Round of the IDO.

The success of the IDO has caught the interest of GameFi investors, who are excited to get additional details almost the scheme. With the IDO’s success, we have set its sights on the subsequent stage of our roadmap (not release yet).

BirdWorld Dual-Token Scheme

The scheme organizes two dissimilar tokens inside its ecosystem, with each attending a selected persistence. Rendering to the squad, the exploitation of all tokens will aid in the growth of #BirdWorld. LAB is the domination token, and its main use comprises purchasing NFT characters, staking, voting, and extraordinary rewards.

Besides, gamers will use the LAN token to perform dealings within the #BirdWorld earth. The chief uses comprise prizes, in-game swap, power-up, and breeding.

About BirdWorld

#BirdWorld is the principal blockchain-driven NFT birds game constructed on the BNB Chain network (called Binance Smart Chain or BSC before). The stage is intended to permit gamers to purchase, play, gather, and raise NFT birds. #BirdWorld associations the exciting stories of bird with creative game practice to make an appealing and Adventure (AVG) game. The game proposes players an amusing and charming gameplay experience. The game also delivers players with fresh and rapid journeys while also permitting them to receive within game digital currency.

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