Binemon Token 2021.

Binemon Token (Aug 2021) Price, Chart & How to Buy?

Binemon Token (Aug 2021) Price, Chart & How to Buy? >> Here, we will read about a new crypto coin associated with a game and was launched with a motive of play and earn.

Various new tokens or digital currencies are getting released every day in the market. Nowadays, especially gaming websites are launching their cryptocurrencies by combining blockchain and gaming, intending to earn money by playing games.

Here we will read about Binemon Token that is getting famous in the Philippines, and this token is built to create a combination of gaming and the blockchain. And this token is also an example of a non-fungible token. We will read more about this token further in this article.

What is Binemon?

Binemon is a game related to the non-fungible token and is a virtual pet game, and this NFT game is combined with the elements of the idle game. This game helps in trading and collecting eggs and also other items like characters, players. And it also gets connected to play in modes like PVP and the PVE modes.

The Binemon Token is a token that is made under the BSC or Binance smart chain. And this coin also has its marketplace where the users can buy and sell their tokens.

Price Chart Of the Binemon Coin:

the statistical value and the price chart of the token is listed below.

  • Price of binemon coin- 0.028434 USD
  • Binemon market rank is- 2630
  • The market cap of binemon coin- 25,398,961
  • The 24hrs low of binemon coin- 0.02653 USD
  • The 24hrs low of binemon coin- 0.0298 USD
  • The 24hrs volume of Binemon Token– 2,703,557 USD
  • The maximum supply of the binemon coin- 4,479,000,000
  • The circulating supply of Binemon coin- 893,261,759 

Price Details of the Coin:

The price of this coin is estimated to be around 0.028434 USD, and In the last twenty-four hours, the token price was around 2,703,557 USD. And the coin has also lost about four-point nine per cent of value in the previous twenty-four hours. And right now, the ranking of this coin is #2630.

How To Buy the Binemon Token?

Here we have listed the stepwise process of buying this token.

  1. Firstly, you need to create a meta mask prepared by the DRK chain and Binance smart chain.
  2. Then in the next step, we need to buy ETH either by cash or fiat money.
  3. Then further we need to perform the exchange from Ethereum to BNB
  4. Then in the fourth step, we need to exchange our BNB to the DRK exchange.
  5. And now, in the last step, we have to trade the DRK coin.

Follow the steps mentioned above to make a successful purchase of Binemon Token. Now further in this article, we will read some of the most asked questions about this token.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is the current price of the DRK coin?

Answer) as of now, the price of the coin is 0.028434 dollars.

2.Is the DRK coin a good investment option?

Answer) yes, this coin can be a good investment because this coin is associated with many big projects and ventures and some mighty communities. Know here the steps in brief of purchasing the DRK coin:


Binemon Token is a new digital currency that is associated with a game and is launched with a motive of play and earns. 

Here we have learn all the statistics and details of this coin which one should know before investing in it, not only that but we have also discussed the steps that we need to follow while purchasing the coin.

Have you ever invested in a digital coin through best cryptocurrency app 2021? If you have, then tell us about your experience.

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