Binemon to PHP 2021

Binemon to PHP {Aug 2021} Highlights, Know About It!

Binemon to PHP {Aug 2021} Highlights, Know About It! >> The Binemon game is not new to players. But the NFT feature infusion concept play to earn will attract the attention of gamers.

Are you passionate about playing the game? Are you searching game that is played on the blockchain? Are you in search of crypto rewards? 

Then, yes, you will find details of this game in our article Binemon to PHP. 

Many users from the Philippines are playing this game.

What is Binemon?

Binemon is a pet NFT (Non-fungible token) game. 

  • It combines characters, items, land, collects eggs and, elements of an ideal RPG game. 
  • The players are connected to fight in PVP modes and earn cryptocurrency rewards.
  • Binemon has introduced the PLAY TO EARN concept. 
  • Binemon is a breed, fight and earn the game. 
  • It is a combination of gaming and blockchain. 
  • It focuses on game rules, player experience, context, champions, quality, quantity, and market exchange items. 
  • The NFT features can own, trading in-game items. 
  • We did not find in traditional games. 

Specifications for Binemon to PHP:

  • Company name: Binemon
  • Contact: Not available
  • Contact person: John Austin
  • Email:
  • Social links: Available on telegram and Twitter.
  • Release date phase 1: 15th July 2021.

Highlights of Binemon:

  • It took more than one year to conceptualize, deploy, and make it perfect.
  • It has NFT and 3D graphics that take more time and effort.
  • Unique highlight- The trendy memes embolden the character design in the game.
  • Play to earn option helps the players to generate passive income.
  • It is named the in-game crypto economy. 
  • Binemon belongs to the game category and is not new. With the help of NFT, players can earn.

Phases and purchase eggs- Binemon to PHP:

  • Through Genres- non-fungible token players can gather mons, items, and land. It will enrich your collection and trade. It will help to earn crypto.
  • They have mentioned 10 phases in total. It will take time to release all phases, approximately three years.
  • Phases are Prometheus, Artemis, Athena, The Babel, Ares, Hercules, Hades, Hephaestus, Hestia, Hermes.
  • Phase 1: Prometheus released on 15th July 2021. It is focused on collectible aspects.
  • The players will purchase eggs to hatch Binemons.
  • It is available on the IOS version.
  • Download app-TestFlight app.
  • Download Binemon Game.
  • Mons acquisition- by hatching eggs. 

More about hatching: Binemon to PHP

  • The hatching mechanic is gacha-implemented.
  • Mons can be obtained races, classes, and parts.
  • Races (Doge, cat, unicorn, and titan).
  • Classes (Fighter, tanker, archer).
  • Parts (Head, tail, body, face, skin, wings)
  • DRK coin – By spending coins, you can obtain eggs.
  • The game allows players to trade and accumulate eggs.

The end users can join with modes (PVP, PVE) and collect coins, rewards, and prizes. The Binemon focuses on NFT and the best game experience ever. For Binemon, Blockchain performance is important. DRK coins can be useful through millions of players.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) from players or gamers Binemon to PHP.

Q1. What is the official website of Binemon?

A1. The website is You will find details on this link.

Q2. What is the market cap of Binemon NFT?

A2. As this is new to the market. Volume or market cap is low. To know more, click here  


The concept of this game is to play and earn. The NFT featured game; the players will play and enjoy it. It has taken a long time to conceptualize and took efforts to build. As this game has the latest release of phase 1, we found player’s game satisfaction and questionnaire reviews. 

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