Binemon Crypto 2021.

Binemon Crypto (Aug) Price, Prediction, How To buy?

Binemon Crypto (Aug) Price, Prediction, How To buy? >> Before investing in cryptocurrencies, learn as much as you can about the well-established and profitable ones.

The Crypto market is revolutionized by the emerging cryptos, as a new crypto coin is recognized and popularized as Binemon. It has introduced a novel concept for investors around the Philippines and many other nations across the world. The new concept introduced is called “Play to Earn.” It is a theoretical concept aiming to build the future combination of Blockchain and Gaming.

Several investors seek information on Binemon Crypto, which we have provided in the article below. 

What is the Binemon?

The new concept is proving its effectiveness with regards to the state of unemployment and the current epidemic. However, people are experiencing a lack of blockchain-based game projects.

Hence, in the novel NFT game, Binemon comes in with its aim of discovering the meaning of “Play to Earn.”

It is launched as a product and developed over DRK Chain. Besides, it is an extraordinary blockchain, which is not common in the crypto market.

Binemon is associated with the game category and is paving its way with the NFT infusion. It is a virtual pet NFT game with the combination of trading and collecting land, items, characters, fusion or ambrosia, and eggs.

Price chart of DRK Binemon Crypto:

  • Price- $ 0.028434
  • 24 Hours low- $ 0.02653
  • 24 Hours High- $ 0.0298
  • 24 Hours Volume- $2 703 557
  • Market cap- $ 25 398 961
  • Fully Diluted Market Cap- $ 128 180 449
  • Self-Reported Circulating Supply- 893 261 759.00
  • Max. Supply- 4 479 000 000
  • Market Rank- #2630

Binemon DRK Coin Price Statics:

The current DRK Binemon coin price is approximately $0.028434, with $2,703,557 in twenty-four-hour trading volume. In the previous twenty-four hours, DRK Binemon has lost about 4.59 percent of its value. 

Besides, along with the non-availability of the current market, the current ranking of DRK Binemon Crypto is #2630. 

There is no circulating supply available of DRK Binemon and a maximum supply of about 4,479,000,000 DRK Binemon coins.

Is the DRK Binemon coin a good investment?

The DRK consensus is updated from ETH 2.0’s PoS or Proof-of-Stake to PoH or Proof of Honor. 

It follows the path of other multibillion-dollar ventures, including JP Morgan’s Quorum and Telegram’s TON.

Because ETH 2.0 is configured for utility and supported by the world’s largest and strongest development communities, DRK Binance selected it above NEO, Stellar, TRON, EOS, and other cryptocurrencies.

Hence, check out if this information proves Binemon Crypto to be a profitable crypto coin or token,

How to buy the DRK Binemon coin?

Investors may check out the following steps to buy DRK Binemon with cash or Fiat money: 

  • Investors should get their Metamask prepared with and Binance Smart Chain and DRK Chain.
  • Purchase ETH through Fiat money or cash using Coinbase Pro or Coinbase.
  • It would help if you exchanged Ethereum to BNB. 
  • Now exchange BNB to DRK utilizing Draken.Exchange.
  • You can now trade the DRK Binemon coin.

What are the FAQs?

Q-Where to buy DRK Binemon coin?

  1. You can buy DRK Binemon Crypto; you can check out the leading exchanges, including Bilaxy, Finexbox, and Hotbit.

Q- What is the basis of Binemon NFT?

  • Binemon NFT is DRK Blockchain-based NFT game, following the trend of “Play to Earn by NFT crypto or tokens. Check here to know the complete information about the Binemon Crypto token 


According to the developers of Binemon, the infrastructure took over a year to perfect, deploy, and conceptualize. Besides, 3D graphics and NFTs require additional time and effort than other kinds of graphics. So, let’s discover if Binemon is genuinely intrigued and can add value to our lives during this crisis. Also, explore Binemon Crypto before trading and know about the Best Apps For Cryptocurrency Trading.

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