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Big Eyes Coin Scam: What Is The Big Eyes Coin Price? Also Explore Details On Big Eyes Coin Launch Date, And Coin Value

The article on Big Eyes Coin Scam has elaborately explained all the details about this crypto coin.

Do you know about the Big Eyes Coin? What is Big Eyes Coin? Do you know about Crypto Currency? If you are interested in the Big Eyes Coin Scam, this article is the right place. People from all over the world and the United States are currently facing tough times economically. Thus, savings are scarce, but people want to know about the source of savings. 


Are Big Eyes Coin Legit?

Big Eyes Coin is a new cryptocurrency that has gained much attention in recent weeks. Many people are curious whether it is a legitimate investment opportunity or another scam. While there is no clear answer to this question, investors should consider a few things before jumping in. 

Researching and thoroughly investigating Big Eyes Coin Twitter investment opportunity is important before putting your money on the line. Many websites have claimed similarities and links between some scam cryptocurrency presales with Big Eyes Coin. But at the same time, there are no other evident reasons to doubt this currency. 

Disclaimer: We advise our readers to research before investing in any investment opportunity. 

Some Details About Big Eyes Coins

  • Commencement of Presale: The presale commenced in August 2022.
  • Conclusion of Presale: It concluded on 3rd June 2023.
  • Token Represented as $BIG as the ECR-20 Token.
  • Raised Fund: It has raised $35 million.
  • Big Eyes Coin Price: Its current price is $0.00052.
  • Maximum Cap: 51.2 million dollars.
  • Halving Event: It is scheduled for April 2024.
  • Supply of Big Eyes Coin: Total Supply is 200 billion.

However, the presale was pushed back and postponed several times without any proper explanation. Thus, people are wondering if it is another ‘Meme Scam.’

Additional Details 

This is a meme coin on Ethereum, and they are featuring cat memes (cute cartoons). They have over 40 thousand followers on their official Twitter account. They describe them as; a ‘Cute Community that is irresistible meme tokens.’ Their account is active, and they also interact with their community

We have already discussed the Big Eyes Coin Launch Date. The social media presence of this coin is strong. They also have a big community on Discord. They have provided their whitepaper and audited finances. 


The article discussed the Big Eyes Coin, a meme token, and its legitimacy. The coins look legit on the surface, but as one digs deeper, one will see red flags everywhere. Thus, we recommend this investment opportunity for experienced users. However, proper research from the investor’s end is also required. Here is the link to their official Twitter page.

Would you invest in Big Eyes Coin? Please list your pros and cons in the comments.

Must Read the Details on Big Eyes Coin Scam: FAQs

Q1. What is Big Eyes Coin?

A1. Big Eyes Coin is a meme token or a cryptocurrency. It features cute cat cartoons and they have provided all details about their currency on their portal. 

Q2. Are Big Eyes Coin a scam?

A2. The answer to this question is complex, as many aspects tell that the coin is legit, but still, there are several red flags.

Q3. Is it safe to buy Big Eyes Coin?

A3. We have recommended proper research and due diligence of an experienced user. 

Q4. When did these coins were released?

A4. Big Eyes coins were released in August 2022.

Q5. What is Big Eyes Coin Value?

A5. The price of this coin is $0.00052 currently.

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