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Garrett Ziegler doesn’t seem to spare the Biden family. In the past, Ziegler broke the silence and exposed the Biden families for so-called criminal activities. In a 25-minute episode hosted by Stew Peters on 24th/September/2021, Ziegler, a former Trump aide, spoke about how the Biden family is involved in malpractices. 

Ziegler is in the news in the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom for bringing 10,000 Biden family exclusive photos! Would you like to know more about Biden Laptop


About is hosted by a non-profit organization – Marco Polo, founded by Garrett Ziegler. Several news websites reported that the pictures, videos, and emails of Hunter Biden were obtained from an old and abandoned laptop of Hunter.

As per sources, this time, Hunter Biden becomes the primary model to expose the dark side of the Biden family. Hunter Biden is already in a conspiracy regarding the earnings from overseas. Ziegler gained access to Hunter’s abandoned laptop, and it took several months to collect useful pictures of the Biden family.

As per sources, it became trending news as Biden Laptop Media Website shows explicit pictures of Hunter Biden, his girlfriend, Zoe Kestan, and Hallie Biden. However, Ziegler said that the website would not expose any body. The pictures, videos, and emails cover the period between 2008 to 2018. currently hosts 10K pictures and 120,000 emails related to the Biden family. Ziegler informed that the website would also host explicit videos of Hunter Biden, his girlfriend, Zoe Kestan, and Hallie Biden in the future. It is taking time as AI needs to be used to censor explicit content of the videos. 

As per sources, Ziegler stated that out of thousands of Biden Laptop Pictures, only useful pictures that expose the dark side of the Biden family were taken. Many photos were not uploaded to the website as they had no useful content. For example, there were screenshots of the Candycrush game, which will not make any news.

Pictures of Hunter’s social security card, bank account, and debit card were also included on the website. Ziegler was specific about never seen before picture of the relationship between Hunter and Kestan. As per sources, secondly, a photograph showed leftover toxic used by Hunter, which is anticipated to make people aware.

Ziegler was also specific about an adorable letter hosted on Biden Laptop from Hunter’s daughter, Finnegan, sent to troops stationed overseas in Afghanistan and Iraq. A picture showed Hunter sleeping with a toxic in his mouth, and another picture showed his explicit images wearing a red scarf and black glasses.

Ziegler informed us that they would not remove the pictures from Further, they are working on a photo viewing application, which will allow the audience to view the pictures’ metadata, including the location at which the picture was taken, date and time, latitude and longitude coordinates, aperture, lighting details, Etc. It will develop confidence among the audience that they are viewing genuine images on Biden Laptop

Disclaimer: All the information has been collected from online sources. We are personally not blaming anyone.

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Conclusion: was registered on 21st/May/2022. However, the pictures were uploaded starting in the afternoon of 1st/June/2023. A pictures showed Hunter having physical relationship with two girls at a time. News media questioned the picture as it gave the impression of the involvement of underage girls. Hunter’s attorney and The White House did not respond to requests for their comments.

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Biden Laptop – FAQ

1Q. Why were the pictures included on

As Ziegler wanted to bring out the truth about the Biden family.

2Q. Is accessible worldwide?

No, the server/host rejects the connection request from many regions.

3Q. When will Biden family videos surface on

The exact date was unspecified by Ziegler.

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