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Bfc To PHP {Oct 2021} Coin Price, Chart, How To Buy?

The article Bfc to PHP is about a blockchain ecosystem known as Bifrost. Read the article if you are interested to know more about Bifrost.

What is BFC? What is PHP? How to invest in cryptocurrency? Is cryptocurrency safe to invest in? How to buy a BFC token? 

Cryptocurrencies have become more popular than anyone could have imagined. They are used for payments and transactions worldwide, and they are even accepted as a means of payment by some retailers. Everyone from the Philippines, Bahrain and worldwide want to explore. Follow this write-up to find out more about Bfc to PHP

What is BFC?

Bfc stands for Bifrost finance; it was launched in July 2019. However, there are several other tokens with the name ‘Bfc’, for instance, Bitcoin Free Cash (BFC), Bit Financial etc. But in this article, we will discuss Bifrost finance and its crypto-token. 

Bifrost uses a blockchain PoS to provide Staking with the help of a smart contract. The goal of Bifrost is to create a stable, scalable smart contract platform that can be relied upon for enterprise applications. Also, to provide bonding assets with easy liquidity.

The reason why Bifrost is growing is that it offers an interesting way for users to make money.

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About the Bifrost Founders

After proper research on the founder of Bifrost, fortunately, we were able to find out the founder of the Bifrost. Charles Wong is the CEO of Bifrost.

He has completed studies at the Singapore University of technology and design.

What is the price of Bifrost?

The price of the Bifrost (BFC) currently stands at $ 0.2726. The lowest price for this token in the past 24 hours was $ 0.2725, and the maximum price for the Bifrost token was $ 0.3015.

What is PHP?

PHP stands for Philippines Pesos,which is the Philippines’s currency. Currently, the value of a Philippines Pesos to US dollar is $ 0.0196969. 

Bfc to PHP

The value of Bifrost in Philippines Pesos in the market currently is 14.02 Pesos which is 0.9% improved. The market cap of Bifrost is 3,626,996,490 Pesos. The fully diluted valuation is 54,931,941,540 Pesos. Trading Volume in 24 hours is 1,672,366,389 Pesos.

The total circulating supply is 984,488,800. Total supply is 3,968,584,074 and the maximum supply is also 3,968,584,074.

The overall growth of Bifrost in Pesos currency for the past 24 hours is -0.3% and in the last seven days is -3.7% (that means a fall in the price). And over the past month, Bifrost has gone down by approximately 16.9% (in Philippines currency Pesos)

How to buy Bfc to PHP? A perfect guide with Trustwallet

  1. To buy Bifrost vist uniswap. 
  2. Connect your trust and crypto wallet.
  3. Purchase the Ethereum 
  4. Select the amount of Ethereum you want to swap with Bifrost.
  5. Select the option of Bifrost 
  6. Now you can swap Ethereum for Bifrost.


  1. What is the price of Bifrost?

The price of Bifrost recently is $ 0.2726.

  1. Who is the founder of Bifrost?

Charles Wong is the founder and CEO of Bifrost.                               

  1. Is there any Bifrost official website?

Yes, Bifrost has an official website.  

  1. What is the price of Bfc to PHP?

The price for Bifrost in the Philippines Pesos is 14.02.

Final Verdict 

Bifrost is not a new company, as it was founded in July 2019. However, it does appear to be making some waves and earning an increasing following on social media channels. After fact-checking, we can say that Bifrost is doing nicely and the prospects are good.

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