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[Watch Video] Beyonce Nephew Video Leaked On Twitter: What Is His Age? Know About Julez Here!

This article covers the details about Beyonce Nephew Video Leaked On Twitter, which was leaked on Twitter with Julez Age.

Did the videotape of Beyonce’s nephew get leaked? The Internet is flooded with questions about the leaked tape of Julez Smith. People from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and worldwide are curious to find out what was in the tape and whether it belonged to Julez.

If you are also stuck between such questions, we have covered you. This article will inform you about the Beyonce Nephew Video Leaked on Twitter.

Was Beyonce Nephew Video Leaked on Twitter?

It is shocking for many of his followers but valid news. The explicit tape of Julez Smith has been leaked all over the Internet. The explicit and intimate video was first posted on Twitter, and from there, it spread all over other social media platforms like Reddit, Telegram, and Facebook.

In the video explicit video, Julez was engaged in an intimate activity with a woman named Skai Jackson. The faces of both the person could be easily recognized from the leaked video.

Was Beyonce Nephew Video Leaked on Twitter

What is Beyonce Nephew Age with Information about his parents?

  • Beyonce’s Nephew’s full name is Daniel Julez J. Smith Jr.
  • He was born in Los Angeles, California, United States of America, on 18 October 2004.
  • He is 19 years old; his parents are Daniel Smith and Solange Knowles.
  • His explicit leaked video was posted on the Internet on 18 December 2023.
  • Currently, Julez’s parents are not together as they are already divorced.
  • Solange Knowles welcomes the baby at the age of 17, and after being married for three years, Daniel Smith and Solange Knowles split up.

What is Beyonce Nephew Age with Information about his parents

Beyonce Nephew Julez: Information about his Instagram Profile

  • Julez Smith is present on Instagram with the user id @iamjulezsmith
  • Julez Smith does not give too much time to Instagram, so he has only three posts on his profile.
  • 64.1k people follow him on Instagram, and Julez only follows 29 people.
  • He has an open account on Instagram, so people who want to follow him or go through his Instagram can visit his profile.
  • Julez Smith has added in his Insta bio that he is a fashion model.

Is Beyonce Nephew Julez leaked tape still on Twitter?

The primary account that first posted his leaked tape removed the video, but people who got access to it have already saved it and shared it through different links. Twitter has its guidelines regarding such videos, so most have been taken down from Twitter.

Apart from Twitter, People who posted links and videos on Reddit have been blocked by Reddit, as they were promoting vulgar and explicit content against the guideline policies. The person who posted this explicit video has not been found yet.

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Is Beyonce Nephew Age the reason behind this mess?

As many people on the Internet commented, Jule should be more cautious of his act as he is so young and starting his career. Some netizens also commented that his parents should take his phone and should never give it back to him.

On an Instagram post about Julez’s leaked tape, one Instagram user commented why we are about this boy as he is recording the tapes regularly, and others made fun of Julez about how he sounded on the leaked video.

Is Beyonce Nephew Age the reason behind this mess

Beyonce Nephew Julez Leaked Explicit Tape: Youtuber’s Reaction

On YouTube, some creator covered the topic and shared their thoughts about Julez’s leaked tape. They said they cannot share the video on their channel as it is so explicit that it will go against the community guidelines of YouTube. YouTube added that people who want to see the video can use the Twitter app and want to know how that person got the private video.

Social Media Links

Note: Because of the explicit content in the video and links, social media links are unavailable for this topic.


Beyonce Nephew Julez has not commented on the leaked explicit tape in front of the public. He maintains a low profile, so people would not come to him for now.

Do you think Julez should be more cautious about his actions? Jot down your thoughts about this situation and our article in the section below.

Disclaimer- We are against any defamation or misguiding content. The article serves as informational data and does not encourage any explicit activity.

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