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Betzy8 .com: What Does Paga Mesmo Here Refer To? Know Legitimacy!

The article will share complete details on Betzy8 .com which is trending online, also know about the Paga Mesmo concept present on this website.

Are you curious to know the authenticity of the Betzy8 com website? Is the Betzy8 site authentic? Can everyone access the website free of cost?

Recently, a gaming website named Betzy8 has become quite popular online. This website is trending, especially in Braziland many people are curious about its authenticity. Thus, to find the legitimacy of the Betzy8 .com website, go through the blog patiently.

What is the Betzy8 .com site all about?

Betzy8 is an online gaming website that is currently quite trending online. The website can be accessed after completing the registration process. The website offers several games, such as Jungle Delight, Fortune Ox, Fortune Rabbit, Fortune Mouse, Fortune Tiger, and more. One can easily find the site of various search engines.

Check Betzy8 com Paga Mesmo Concept! 

The Betzy8 website uses the “Paga Mesmo,” which means the” Pay Yourself” concept. Many users of this website claimed that the website asks for payment. The website asks you to send the invitation links to at least 5 friends. Then, after sending those invitation links, they Website ask to make certain deposits.

What is a Scam going on the Betzy8 Website?

Many people are claiming the Betzy website to be a scam. The website users claimed they had to pay a certain amount after inviting their friends on the platform. Thus, conducts the pay-yourself concept. The users have to pay back to the website after earning a certain bonus.

Specifications of Betzy8 Website

Go through certain specifications to know the authenticity of the site.

  • Website Type- Gaming Platform.
  • Website URL-
  • Contact Information- Not available on the website.
  • Email ID- Not provided on the site as well.
  • Payment Methods- Visa, Pix, PG, and more.

Is The Website Legit?

Check the Betzy8 .com website authenticity here:-

  • Website Domain Date- 9/11/2023, which is quite recent.
  • Domain Expiry Date- 9/11/2024, which is next year.
  • Owner’s Details- It’s hidden.
  • Trust Index- Only 6.9 out of 100.
  • Social Media Response- Social media links on the website are broken. It doesn’t work when clicked on to it.
  • Betzy8 .com Reviews- Received poor reviews on online platforms.
  • Website Popularity- Poor.
  • HTTPS Connection – Safe HTTPS connection.
  • Suspicious Website – 29% proximity of a suspicious website.
  • Phishing Score- 35% phishing site possibility.
  • Malware Score – 26% malware score.

Know the Positive aspects of Betzy8 .com 

  • The website has valid SSL certification.
  • DNSFilter marks the site as safe.

Certain Negative Aspects of the Website

  • The site has received poor social media responses.
  • The website owner’s identity is hidden on the authentic platforms.
  • The users have to pay a certain deposit to access the site.

Check the Betzy8 Website Customer Reviews

Several users have shared their experiences with the Betzy8 .com website. The users claimed the site is a fake platform as it asks to make deposits of 60 reais. Also, many users claimed they didn’t receive any bonus on the platfrom. Thus, the users mostly had bad experiences with the online site. If Scammed Online? Take Action: now.

Social Media Links

Authentic social media links are unavailable for the relevant website.


The present website promotes Betzy8 com Paga Mesmo, meaning the ‘pay yourself’ concept. Based on the customer reviews and its legitimacy checkpoints, the Betzy8 com looks like a complete scam. So it is recommended to avoid accessing such a scam site. Also, check here Methods To Get Money Back On Credit Card! 

Has the site scammed you? Please share your comments in the box below.

Disclaimer: The article shares the authenticity of the Betzy8 com website. Our article strictly prohibits any promotional activities. Also, the content is provided to the keen audiences for educational purposes only.

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