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Betkingph com: Why This App is Trending? Check Complete Details Here!

Find out the reality of Betkingph com get all the information why people are getting confused between the fraud and legit website.

Have you heard of online professional betting apps for games like soccer? The ongoing international football matches brought attention to many seriously interested in betting on games and players.

People from the Philippines find that is a legit platform to win money. However, the reality of Betkingph com is far different. So, let’s disclose the truth of the app.

About Betkingph Website! is an online portal where people can play casino games and other events to win token coins. As per the information available in the game, users have to sign in to play the game, and they can convert the coins into their country’s currency. 

However, the game is available in limited regions like Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia, Philippines, Colombia, and Kenya. Additionally, a live chat support feature is available on the application, but is all AI-generated and unresponsive. However, this game is not free to play, and the win; user has to add money from the bank account to play any event. Additionally, the website has no option to redeem the amount.

Reality of

People need clarification on the similar logo and name of the website Betkingph. The popular online platform netizens are witnessing is legit, and its actual name is In contrast, the Betkingph is a fake website created almost 16 days ago, to fool the people and grab the audience’s attention on their domain. 

Additionally, invests and plays bets on real players and games, while Betkingph supports dramatic casino games. Therefore, if you think Betkingph is a legit platform, then it’s sad to inform you that you’re on the wrong forum. Also, make sure not to add any money on this domain.

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Availability of Betking App

Yes, the official Betking mobile is Available for Play Store with King Support Nigeria. However, there is no app for the fraud website. You can only play on via online login. 

Specification of Betkingph Website

  • Domain Creation Date: 28 August 2023
  • Domain Expiry Date: 28 August 2024
  • Trust Score: A very poor trust score is obtained for of 1%.
  • Email ID: support email id is not available
  • Social Media: there’s no social media link available for the website
  • Customer Reviews: there’s no section for customer reviews, although websites show the people betting, but that are AI-generated. 
  • Website link:

Is it safe to Invest in

People are in a dilemma as to whether playing casino games on the Betkingph website is safe. Multiple factors disapprove of the Legitimacy of the Betkingph website, but there is a possibility that, with time, this platform can become a legitimate place to play games. 

Until now, it’s not safe to add any investment in as all the information on the website is copied and contains lots of copyright issues. Moreover, it has the name of a well-established betting platform without the consent of Betkingph. It’s not worth investing in any betting platform as it has high-risk possibilities. 

Betkingph com: Social Media Link


Final Verdict

Betkingph is a fraud website using the name of the well-established betting company People got confused when they saw the similar name and website logo resemblance. Therefore, now you have complete information about, and it would be best if you avoid the scam platform. 

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