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Beta Crypto Price (Oct 2021) Prediction & How To Buy?

This write-up is written to serve knowledge about Beta Crypto Price and other aspects of the coin to our global readers. Know every necessary detail here.

With the evolution of digital currency, several different coins have been published to serve publicly. Among them, the Beta coin is one of them, which has recently launched. 

After its publication, Worldwide investors are finding ways to trade this coin due to the fact that it has already attracted crypto investors in some major countries. Now, you can also know the latest update on Beta Crypto Price, stats, distribution, trading process, price prediction and much more through this below write-up.

Introduction of Beta Crypto:

Beta Crypto follows the protocol of ‘Isolated Collateral Model’ and acts as a gateway platform to a money market (for the DeFi users). Here, with the help of this platform, DeFi users can access the digital token unrestrictedly, which operates on ‘Permissionless Protocol.’ It works on a unique model (Isolated Collateral Model) that helps in the elimination of any type of cross-collateralization.     

The primary purpose behind designing this unique protocol is to adhere to the ‘DeFi ethos’ of ‘Open Finance For All.’ At the time of research on Beta Crypto Price, it has been reported that the protocol is designed to counter the 2 primary issues in DeFi (Decentralization Finance). The protocol uses novel features like Lending, Borrowing, Shorting, and Risk Framework. The main motto of developing this platform is to serve investors using borrowing amounts in diversifying their holdings.   

Brief about the designing team:

Unfortunately, we couldn’t provide any information about the designing team, as the details have not yet been updated on the internet. If you want to get the latest news on Beta Crypto, you are advised to check the recently released blog posts.

Beta Crypto Price:

  • Price: The price is 0.000080$.
  • Market cap: It is unknown.
  • Token Supply (Total to date): As per the official announcement, the total supply of Beta coins is 1,000,000,000 BETA
  • Public-Sale Coin Price: It has been reported to be available at the price of 0.06$ (1Beta=0.06$). 
  • Format for Coin Sale: Users need to have a subscription for coin trading.
  • Supported Seasons: It is BNB only.
  • Hard Cap/ User: It is around 20000$ (333333.33Beta).
  • Allotment on Binance Platform: Around 5% of the total supply (50,000,000 BETA) is allotted to the binance platform.

How to trade Beta Crypto?

Following Beta Crypto Price, some simple steps can lead you to successful trading Worldwide . To know the steps, read the below points-

  • At first, visit the Binance platform. Create an account if you haven’t, or log in to it, if you already have a valid account.
  • In the next step, click on the ‘Market’ tab, which is at the top menu header in the computer system. Or, if you are using a mobile device, then you will find it below.
  • Next, type ‘BETA’ on the search section and see the coin name in the list below.
  • However, always check Beta Crypto Price, then make trading. Anyway, after that, you can trade it with BNB, BTC (10$ is needed), or Fiat currency. Then click on your preferable modes.
  • Now, enter the price, amount and trade the currency.

Price Prediction:

According to prediction, in 14days, the price may go up by 0.000331$$. In 1 year, it may increase to 0.000919$, and by 2026, the price will increase by 0.00517$. 


  • Is it worth investing in BETA?

Ans- Considering the price prediction, users may acquire benefits in BETA investing.

  • Are there any chances of BETA coins crashing?

Ans- There is no update yet.


Everyone interested in investing in BETA can now get an idea of Beta Crypto Price from this article or get real-time price status  on an exchange platform. Plus, read the next big Cryptocurrency in 2021. Are you satisfied with this article? Mention below.

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