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Beta Coin Crypto (Oct 2021) Price, Chart & How To Buy?

 Are you tired of searching about Beta Coin Crypto over the internet? Then your quest ends here. Kindly go through this post for in-depth details.

Have you ever seen a cryptocurrency whose transaction cryptographic algorithms maintain privacy? Then let us discuss such a token in the post. 

People Worldwide are finding ways to increase their revenues due to the loss caused by the pandemic. Moreover, to mitigate the problems, most people have started trading and earning through investing in cryptocurrencies. 

So, let us discover a popular crypto coin that offers several facilities that may benefit the user in various ways. Thus, allow us to begin our discussion on Beta Coin Crypto. Please go through this post to identify its essential facts. 

What is Beta Coin?

It is an open, decentralized cryptocurrency developed in 2014. In addition, its last recorded transaction was reported in 2019. However, it utilizes open source technology to increase its market value. 

In short words, Betacoin is an international platform that plays a major part in currency development. 

Founder And Team Details 

Name  Designation 
Pacific skyline Project Manager
Amjuarez Technology Leader


Senior Developer 
Seigen Cryptographer 



Ullo Economist / Media Relations 
DStrange Public Relations

What does Beta Coin Crypto Offer?

It allows safe and secure transactions amongst the other trading platforms. Also, it provides a suitable medium for instant free money transactions.

Particulars of BET

Features  Specifications 
Fast block-time  It considers only 120 seconds detecting the user’s identity for a fee transaction. 
Protected transactions Cryptographic algorithms secure the payments made.
Open- emission Anyone can join the emission process to become a miner to receive a reward. Betacoin rates are increasing rapidly. However, its emission is decreasing slowly, protecting from sudden shocks.
Independent crypto The platform of Beta Coin Crypto is open to all with an easy interface.
Protective and reliable  The Betacoin systems have a greater computational power to mitigate loss. 

Why join Beta Coin?

You can receive ample benefits from the cryptocurrency since it has a trustworthy power to prevent capital loss. Moreover, their algorithms do not allow anyone to know your details. 

So, if you want to join this platform, then register yourself to create a wallet. As a result, through the wallet, you can transact the Beta Coin Crypto seamlessly.

Live price  

Upon researching the token, we haven’t detected its actual price for today. 

Statistical Data of the Token

  • The token’s block time is 120 seconds.
  • Betacoin’s network hashrate is 3.044 MH/sec.
  • It can be divided up to 108 units.
  • The total Betacoin is 5, 50,000,000 (55 million coin).
  • The blockchain height is 1,337,012.
  • Token’s mining difficulty is 383,046,040.
  • Its proof of work algorithm is CryptoNight.
  • The last block reward of Beta Coin Crypto was 4,584 BET.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the Official Website of BET?

A1. The official website of the token is https://www.bitcoin-mana.com/betacoin/. 

Q2. What is the block time of Beta Coin?

A2. The block time for this coin is 120 seconds. 

Q3. How to obtain this coin?

A3. There are two possible ways to earn Betacoin; firstly, you can join the network maintenance, reward yourself, or buy it directly from exchange platforms. Visit here for more about the token

Final Note 

Throughout the post on Beta Coin Crypto, we have discovered the founder details of this coin. In addition, the coin’s specification, including fast block time, is explained in this write-up. 

The post has revealed the reasons for joining the platform that may benefit the user in multiple ways. Kindly research properly about the token and we are only providing information and are not financial advisors. Visit here, if you’re searching for what is the future of Cryptocurrency in 2021

What are your thoughts on this crypto? Tell us by commenting now. 

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