Top Best Natural Hot Springs in the Middle East

Best Natural Hot Springs in the Middle East

Hot springs are one of the most incredible natural wonders on earth. These geothermal springs are extremely hot at the centre percolating through the cracks in the soil. Over the years, they have gathered to become natural pools and converted into artificial spas to enable visitors to relax and feel rejuvenated, enjoying the medicinal and therapeutic benefits of mineral-rich waters. 

Travellers are urged to take a dip in the natural, warm and mineral-rich waters that are thought to have therapeutic properties and are generally surrounded by stunning nature. 

You can plan your visit to any of the major cities in the Middle East and soak in the warm thermal waters of one of the awesome hot springs. Emirates Airlines offer regular flights to Bahrain, Manama, Tehran, Jordan, Baghdad, Amman, Riyadh, Dammam, Jeddah, Kuwait, Muscat, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi. Before booking the tickets, check for the discounts or deals offered on the best travel website.

People visit places having wonderful thermal springs for medication or relaxation. If you are looking for a notable hot spring to explore in the Middle East, we have a few prominent ones listed to help you choose.

Hot Springs Moulay Yacoub in Morocco

Moulay Yacoub is a fascinating village in a well-protected natural setting. It is 20 kilometres away from Fez, the imperial city, and is a place that tourists find so appealing to relax and do walking meditation.

Most importantly, Moulay Yacoub is renowned for its thermal water and benefits. Its water is an essential aspect of Moroccan culture, wherein a large number of people visit the thermal baths every year to take advantage of the almost magical water’s calming, purifying, and remineralized properties.

The hyperthermal water of Moulay Yacoub is known for its rich sulphur, calcium, sodium, magnesium, and mineral salts. The water that springs from 1500 metres deep is extremely hot and is cooled to reduce the temperature before use in the thermal centre.

Siwa Oasis in Egypt

Siwa Oasis is located far from civilization in the Western Desert of Egypt. It is one location where Egypt’s unique culture has been preserved and provides visitors with a great experience. Along with its cultural diversity, Siwa is notable for the beauty of its topography and natural surroundings.

Besides numerous water springs and lakes, Siwa is known for a lot of arable land and water wells. Some of the famous hot springs and landmarks in Siwa are Hamawat, Moulol, Cleopatra’s Bath, and Arayes. These wells have two different types of hot water: regular and sulphurous used to treat several skin diseases, like psoriasis. Further, it treats various respiratory issues, digestive system disorders, polio, and rheumatism.

Ma’in in Jordan

Ma’in Hot Springs, also known as Hammamat Ma’in, is a mineral hot spring, as well as waterfalls situated 264 metres below sea level in the southern part of Amman. It is believed that Herod the Great bathed here in the springs’ therapeutic water. Since Roman times, many people have visited the place for thermal water treatments or just to soak in the hot water. 

Located on the Dead Sea, Hammamat Ma’in is the most renowned mineral-rich spring in the hills. You can find several pools for public swimming filled with water that cascades down the hillside in waterfalls. The water temperature in the spring ranges from 45°C to 60°C and is rich in calcium, magnesium, and potassium.

Khatt Springs in the UAE

Being a region of mineral-rich hot springs, Khatt Springs is situated in Ras Al Khaimah, near the mountainous Khatt village. Tourists frequent this place near the Ras Al Khaimah International Airport.

Khatt Springs are mineral-rich natural hot springs near the Hajar Mountains, and the water there is renowned for its therapeutic and calming qualities. Khatt Springs’ water level is 90 feet below ground and reaches a temperature of 40 °C. The water is considered to provide therapeutic effects for skin conditions, rheumatic disorders, and muscular issues because of the mineral composition and heat. The limestone bedrock is where the waters rise.

The place, with three springs, was expanded to include a spa hotel run by a French company, providing different therapies or treatments like therapeutic hot springs, hot stone massages, Ayurvedic treatments, and precious stone therapies. Visitors can find treatment rooms, private pools, and cafes surrounded by palm trees, magnificent mountains, and a verdant green oasis. 

The health benefits of hot springs make them one of the most sought-after tourist destinations. If you are one of those travellers looking for some notable hot springs in the Middle East for therapy, choose the one you want to visit and book your flight with Emirates Airlines for low fares now.

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