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Benoit Dageville Scam: Read Complete Information On Dageville Philanthropy

The article on Benoit Dageville Scam has discussed Benoit Dageville’s philanthropic work in detail.

Who is Benoit Dageville? Why is Benoit Dageville’s name trending along with the scam? What kind of scam is Benoit Dageville related to? Are you interested to know about the Benoit Dageville Scam? Please read this article to understand better. People from the United States are searching for Benoit and his philanthropy website. 

Is Benoit Dageville Involved in A Scam?

Giving Pledge is a philanthropic website that accepts pledges from different types of people worldwide. People who have wealth and they want to give something back to society. 

This website has a lot of pledges from all around the world. 

But recently, Co-founder of Snowflakes (a database company) has pledged to work for society and the underprivileged. There is a website about a welfare project co-founded by Benoit Dageville, ‘The PatchWork Collective.’ Let us check Benoit Dageville Scam.

  • Trust Score: The website has a trust rating of 63.2 (average).
  • Date of Registration: 11th February 2022
  • Date of Last Update: 15th August 2023
  • Date of Expiry of Domain: 11th February 2024
  • Social Media Presence: The project has a separate account on Instagram and LinkedIn.
  • Key Points: Climate Justice, Global Health, and Social Equity.
  • Website Popularity: Low
  • Registered country: U.S.
  • Registered State: Arizona 

After reading the points mentioned earlier, the website is new and needs time to prove itself. The website is not selling anything but representing a more significant cause. 

Disclaimer: The article’s keyword was vague because Benoit Dageville is a successful entrepreneur. Thus, he cannot be a scammer. But people might want to know his recent engagements and ascertain his intentions. Thus, we have talked about his philanthropic work. 

Benoit Dageville Philanthropy & More

Benoit signed the Pledge with her wife Marie in June 2023. Since then, many people who know him are interested to know whether he is fulfilling his philanthropic promise. He has launched this website and project intending to support the local organization. 

It has been a short time since he started his philanthropic journey. Thus, we must give the couple time to prove themselves and their motives. The trend, Benoit Dageville Scam, is not valid. In the pledge letter, they mentioned how their business’s IPO was successful, leading to growth in their wealth. And with that, they developed a feeling to give back to the society.

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Social Media Links & More

Instagram of The Patch Work Collective:

The account is private and has just one follower. According to details, the account is not ready for public engagements.

LinkedIn Account of The Patch Work Collective:

LinkedIn Account of Benoit Dageville:

He has 300k followers and 500-plus connections. He formerly worked with Oracle for 16 years. Thus, we cannot say that Benoit Dageville Scam. He has been in the industry for over 2 decades and has sufficient knowledge to support his business. 


In this article, we have talked about an Engineer and a self-made successful entrepreneur, Benoit Dageville. He has pledged almost half of his Net worth to philanthropic work. Now, people who want to know will do so. Or is it just an unfulfilled promise? As per research, he has started to work to fulfill his promises. Thus, we cannot conclude Benoit as a scam. He is accompanied by his wife, Marie. For more details about the website, click here.

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