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Ben Shepherds Boyfriend: Is He Still Married? Who is His Partner? Know Age & Other Details Here!

Get to know about Ben Shepherds Boyfriend and learn about his personal life with relationship status. Read now and grab all the bits now.

Is Ben Shephard in a relationship? Many people are curious about his love life. They wonder who has captured his heart. In this article, we will find out the truth about Ben Shephard’s current relationship status. 

In the below post, learn about his life and Ben Shepherds Boyfriend in the United Kingdom. 

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Does Ben Shepherd have a Boyfriend?

No, as per the information collected through our research, Ben does not have a boyfriend. He is currently, trending due to his Instagram post about Annie, Ben Shephard Partner, who won a garden design prize. 

Both Annie and Ben went to the Happy Place Festival with friends Fearne Cotton and Jonnie Wilkinson. Ben shared beautiful pictures, one showing Annie resting her head on his shoulder while they enjoyed the sunny day in a field.

About Ben Shepherd’s photos 

Ben made a collage. It had multiple photos in it. He posted it on his Instagram account. In this photo, Annie looked happy and wore a camo-colored shirt, while her husband, Ben, looked good in a thin blue jumper. 

He also shared pictures with Fearne in a shady tent with rugby legend Jonnie. This collage confused his fans. Hence, they want to know, Is Ben Shephard Still Married?

To get this answer we researched for his wiki details. Let us have a look below.

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About Ben Shepherds Boyfriend

About Ben Shepherds

The image here explains how Ben explains his happiness with company of his wife.

Ben Shephard Wikipedia

  • Ben Shepherd is a British Telivision journalist and a presenter.
  • He is married to Annie Perks
  • They both have two sons together.
  • His Television shows are admired by many. 
  • He is a beloved figure and well-respected in the United Kingdom.
  • Ben’s birth date is 11th January, 1975.
  • Ben Shephard Age is 47 years old.

About Ben and Annie’s Marriage

Ben Shephard and Annie Perks tied the knot in 2004. They will celebrating their 20th anniversary soon. Their first meeting were during their university days. At that time they were in their early twenties. 

Their wedding was a private affair. It was held on secluded island off the coast of Devon. Only with close friends and family attended their wedding.


Wondering if Ben Shephard is in a personal relationship with the Tipping Point machine. He does seem a tad obsessed with “riders”.
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In conclusion, there is no information about Ben Shepherd having a boyfriend. He is happily married and recently celebrated his wife Annie’s garden design prize. Fans eagerly follow his love story and personal life updates.

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Ben Shepherds Boyfriend: FAQs

Q1: What qualities make Ben Shephard popular?

A: Ben Shephard’s popularity is due to his charming personality and wit.

Q2: What are the famous Ben Shephard shows?

A:  Good Morning Britain and Tipping Point.

Q3: Does he have a girlfriend?

A: No.

Q4: Where was Ben Shephard born?

A: He was born in Essex, England.

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