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Bella Heather Missing Scam: Read Different Aspects To Decide If She Is Really Missing Or Not

Read exclusive facts unavailable elsewhere about Bella Heather Missing Scam to learn if it’s plot and missing alerts.

Many internet scams related to people missing in the United States featured on internet. But did you know that such fake attempts aimed to loot people to get donations, to get public empathy, and to increase their YouTube video’s viewer count? Let’s check the truth about Bella Heather Missing Scam.

News circulating on the internet:

More than nine unauthentic news and knowledge-based websites featured the news of Bella’s child missing. A few news websites stated that Bella’s 5-year-old daughter was missing for a few weeks. However, the information about Bella’s missing featured on social media in the past week.

A few knowledge-based websites reported that Bella’s daughter was missing from the countryside in the U.S. The name of the location was not specified on such websites. But, a few websites reported that Bella’s daughter was missing from Eugene, Oregon, U.S. 

This is a sign that the information about Bella Heather Missing Child can be fake or at least speculated.At the same time, a few websites reported her missing from South Lyon in Oakland County, U.S.

Posts on social media:

The latest news and posts related to Bella’s daughter missing were posted on Facebook group @2640589976060170 quoting that My niece Bella Heather 5-years old, has been missing for 7-hours. She was playing with her pup on our porch when she was last seen.

Another Facebook account @brittany.e.collum included the exact details but mentioned the missing location as Mcdonough County, Illinois. @lenenvbantigue included the third post on Facebook, mentioning the same details but specifying the missing location as Glendale in California, indicating Bella Heather Missing Scam.

@2640589976060170 is a general group where posts related to different events, jobs, and missing persons were included. @brittany.e.collum is an individual account, suggesting that the owner had ignorantly shared the original post without verifying. At the same time, @lenenvbantigue is also a personal account sharing the post ignorantly.

Three people posted the same news on YouTube with redundant and irrelevant details. YouTube videos – ydu9pxMNM5w, ozSZCmiWVqU, and 2VcdqZhEKJ0 were updated on 5th/August/2023 and gained hundreds of views!

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Why is Bella Heather missing considered as scam?

  • The @lenenvbantigue post is from the Philippines,
  • Three Bella Heather Missing Scam YouTube videos are from South Asia,
  • There is no clarity from which place Bella’s daughter is missing,
  • The location of the missing child’s family was unspecified,
  • All posts stated that the girl was their niece, but the child’s parents updated no posts,
  • All the posts were shared on Facebook only,
  • No correspondence address, email, or contact number was specified,
  • There are no updates or followups on the Facebook posts,
  • The original post which was shared was removed by the owner,
  • The description of the girl, her height, clothes, hair color, Etc., were unspecified. Hence, the news is considered as Bella Heather Missing Scam.

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There is no official confirmation or Amber alert found related to Bella’s missing daughter. The girl’s name was specified. Multiple locations specified on Facebook suggest unauthentic posts shared by users. Redundant and irrelevant news on knowledge-based websites suggests a lack of direct information received from her parents. The identity and contact details of her parents were unspecified. Hence, it is possibly a scam.

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Bella Heather Missing Scam – FAQ

1Q. Were pictures of Bella’s daughter available on the internet?

Yes, one photo of a girl walking with a dog was found.

2Q. Is the picture authentic?

The origin of the picture and its source cannot be verified. Hence, its authenticity is undetermined.

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