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Bella Damaika Instagram: Know About Her Kuliah Dimana And UPH Details!

Do you want to know about the viral star’s Bella Damaika Instagram, along with her Kuliah Dimana and Uph educational details? Then learn here.

Are you the type of person who loves to read about the gossip stories of celebrities? Then, recently, the famous tiktoker Ira Nandha got attention due to her viral Instagram post about her cheating husband. So here in this article, we are going to explain the ongoing controversies in Indonesia along with the Bella Damaika Instagram details in a truthful manner. Stay tuned to learn about the true story of this illegal affair.

Bella Damaika Instagram details

Bella Damaika Instagram

Bella is a flight attendant who works for Citilink Airlines, and this flight attendant appeared on the news media as a trending topic because of her illegal affair with a pilot named Elmer Syaherman. 

Here, Pilot Elmer is the husband of the famous tiktoker, Ira Nandha. On December 31, 2023, Ira published the secret conversation between Elmer and Bella on her Instagram account, and that post went viral. From that post, everyone got to know about Bella Damaika Kuliah Dimana details. 

Upon seeing Ira’s post, the affair between Bella and Elmer was revealed to the whole world, and the media started to focus on Bella, and that’s why her Instagram account is trending. But sadly, many fake accounts are being created under the name of Bella Damaika. 

But one account was a genuine one, and the ID name is bella.damaika, with 82 followers. In that profile, posts uploaded by Bella were authentic.

Bella Damaika Instagram

Bella Damaika Kuliah Dimana

Here, the term “Kuliah Dimana” refers to where to study, which means people are more intrigued to know Bella’s college. Ira Nandha has also released Bella’s biodata on her Instagram posts, and she revealed that Bella Damaika did her studies at the famous University Pelita Harappan. At that university, Bella chose her communication studies as a distance education course.

Bella Damaika Uph

Here, the term UPH refers to “University Pelita Harappan.” It was the university where Bella was doing her distance education. UPH University is trending all over the Indonesian region because Ira accused UPH’s university student of having an affair with her pilot husband, Elmer Syaherman. 

That’s why this UPH is trending along with Bella’s name. Bella Damaika Uph helped us know the qualification details of the flight attendant. And Bella has chosen distance education so that she can work and study side by side.

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The affair story

Bella and Ira Nandha’s husband, Elmer Syaherman, seemed to be talking intimately on the Discord application, and Ira found out about that conversation, so she took a photo and uploaded the image to her own personal Instagram post. 

But we couldn’t see any of Bella Damaika Instagram posts related to that issue. In that conversation, Bella changed her name to Lachocolatte.

The affair story

More details about Bella Damaika

Bella, who was born on September 6, 1997, is a flight attendant who belongs to the Indonesian region. She is currently practicing the Islamic religion.

She rose to fame by having an affair with her colleague and the pilot, Elmer Syaherman. Bella Damaika Uph received so much criticism because Elmer is a married man, and in addition to that, he is the father of a 2-year-old kid as well.

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Instagram: Bella Damaika (@bella.damaika) • Instagram photos and videos

ira nandha ( • Instagram photos and videos


In this article, we discussed lots of true stories about the ongoing affairs related to Bella, Ira, and Elmer. The act of Bella is really punishable because no one can forgive the person who is cheating on their love life. Well, Bella Damaika Instagram and Ira’s posts helped everyone know Bella’s true face.

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Disclaimer: This article shares the illegal affair story of a famous pilot.

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