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Various news floods over the Internet that created a massive stir after turning into a trend. But, some cases break humanity while a few of them make our day. However, within Indonesia, the Bella Damaika case is in the headlines. So, please keep scrolling down and read this article to get all the Bella Damaika Citilink updates. 

About the Bella Damaika Citilink Case

Bella Damaika has been a popular name in various global parts currently. Over the Internet, she is in the headlines, collecting tons of reactions as she is exposed for being in a relationship with a pilot. 

According to the threads, Bella Damaika is in a relationship with Elmer Syaherman, a pilot and the husband of the TikToker Ira Nandha. Moreover, Bella seems to be a flight attendant at Citilink Airlines, but recently, she gained tremendous attention on social media platforms. 

How was the Affair Exposed on Instagram?

While searching, we noticed that Ira Nandha leaked the affair news. She displayed pictures proving that her husband and the flight attendant were in a relationship. Moreover, the TikToker celebrity exposed that she noticed the affair several times. 

Our research showed that they communicated over Discord where Elmer Syaherman used Jaheerman as the username. However, Bella talked with him using the Lachocolatte username since the pilot and the TikTok celebrity were married. 

Ira asked Bella the reasons for approaching her husband several times. While finding Bella’s LinkedIn details,  the flight attendant denied the accusations and said their relationship was a rumor spread by other executives.

How was the Affair Exposed on Instagram

Finally, after collecting evidence, Ira proved the affair over her social media platform with respective photos. Also, she added that she performed prayers before sharing her life issues with the public and was sad. 

Numerous people were shocked as Ira seemed more beautiful than Bella. Also, a few users said that having an affair in this era has turned into a lifestyle, while some Facebook users added that the case is one of the dark sides of the airlines. 

They continued their affair until the TikToker found the evidence and proved them guilty. Interestingly, the news began trending on Friday, leading to a massive hoax to know all the details about the flight attendant.

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A Brief Personal Details of Bella Damaika

A Brief Personal Details of Bella Damaika

  • Bella Damaika is a flight attendant at Citilink airline. 
  • Based on her posts, she seems to be from the Islamic religion.
  • While searching Bella’s IG account details, we noted that she was born on 6th September 1997 and is 26 years old.
  • She completed her studies at the Pelita Harapan University. 
  • During the research, we found that her official Facebook account is Bella Damayka and her Instagram is @belladamadyka.
  • Besides being in a relationship with the pilot, it is unknown that she is married.
  • Bella said that she is good at communication and gives great service to the passengers. 


This article on describes the complete updates and information on Bella Damaika Citilink and her trending reasons. Moreover, the research found she is in a relationship with Elmer Syaherman. 

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