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Do you love to cook? Are you interested in learning new recipes and presentation styles? Did you browse the website? Would you like to join, a website teaching exciting recipes in the United Kingdom? Would you like to read a review of to check if is Bechef.Club Scam?

The legitimacy of was registered in Great Britain on 14th November 2022. It is a nine-month and 19-day-old website. The website was last updated nine months and 14 days ago, on 19th November 2022. has a short life expectancy as it was registered only for one year. Its registration will expire within two months and 13 days on 14th November 2023. gained an average of 52% trust, 48.9% business, 29% suspicion, 36% threat, 27% malware, 36% phishing, and 3% spam scores. It suggests high risk involved in financial transactions on, a negative highlight in Reviews. Further considerable suspicion scores suggest risk for user devices and personal and payment data. gained poor 3/100 domain authority and an awful 4,220,033 global Alexa ranking. However, it gained 294,771 Alexa ranking in the UK. is not blacklisted and uses a secured HTTPS protocol. Its IP has a Medium-Organization Validated Certificate (OV-SSL) for the next 147 days. However, its server was identified for hosting several low-reviewed/rated websites.

About is a young website attracting paid subscribers to learn recipes. Most of the recipes included on the website were rated 9/10 stars, considered to check Scam

However, was considered a scam by many users as it offers five five-day trial membership for $1.99; thereafter, it auto-debits $39.99 monthly until the subscription is canceled. did not specify its mission statement. sells:

  • e-recipe books,
  • Instructional recipies,
  • VODs, Etc.

The features of did not include much information about its website, excluding FAQs, newsletters, service deliverables, refund policies, and timelines. The identity and contact information of its owner, technical contacts, and administrator is hidden using the paid privacy services of relays its services using server serial number 0a3787645e5fb48c224efd1bed140c3c targeting and located in Japan, accounted to check Scam. IONOS SE is the registrar, and CloudFlare Inc., USA is the ISP of has Zero visitors monthly, yielding a $0 traffic value. has a load time of 2.60 seconds, with a 76% C-performance grade and page size ranging from 5.1MB+ in size. The performance of speed is considered fast. has 2 DoFollowup links. The terms of use and privacy policies were mentioned on takes payments in US$ via Visa, MasterCard, Amex, and Discover. The physical address of is Digotech Ltd, 81 Little Pynchons, Harlow, GB-CM187DE, UK. The customer service number for is +1(833)673-1803 and their email is

Customer reviews of Scam:

Click here to learn about credit card fraud, as all product reviews on are above 9/10 stars. No user reviews or ratings were present on customer review websites, social media, or elsewhere on the internet.

Social media links:

  • is not present on social media and does not support blogging.
  • Trustedrevie

Conclusion: did not specify its subscription and cancellation policy. During registration, the user has no choice but to select a 5-day trial membership and auto debit. Click here to learn about PayPal fraud, as in case the user forgets to cancel his subscription, his account is auto-debited. Due to average trust, business, and considerable suspicion scores, seems not entirely legitimate.

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