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Battle Hero Token (Oct) How To Buy? Contract Address

Do you want fresh updates about the Battle Hero Token? Then go through this write-up to spot its value.

Would you please help to investigate every minute detail of an NFT game? Then go through this piece of writing thoroughly for fresh updates. 

The native people of Venezuela, Argentina, and Spain want to play desirable action games with different supreme rewards that satisfy their needs. But they also want some money through playing those games. Thus, keeping in mind, the new era crypto organizations have provided the users with dual facilities to increase their popularity. 

So, here in the article, we will provide you with information related to Battle Hero Token

Launching Facts of Battle Hero

It is the first game in which the user can avail rewards directly for spending every minute over it. In addition, Battle Hero is a play-to-earn game and is easily accessible over different online stores, including Google Play. 

However, it is seen that the game is developed by and for gamers where you can enjoy different competition levels in battles, tournaments and leagues. You can make your team stronger by collecting the rewards. 

So, let us move into the in-game token that will assist you with future well-being. 

About Battle Hero Token

Reports have revealed that Battle Hero owns a marketplace where you can trade or sell your items with your belongings conveniently. Moreover, against the stuff bought/sold, you will gain/lose a $BATH token provided with ERC-20/BEP-20 technology. 

Thus, you can see this token is the main Cryptocurrency in the whole game. So, kindly keep an eye on this post which has included more details about it. 

Who Are Its Owners?

The game has devoted volunteers that manipulate and upgrade the utilities of Battle Hero Token. Going through this table will introduce some of BATH’s squad. 

Name  Position 
Maria Jose Community Manager
Francisco Denia CTO y Co-Founder
Anna Gomez Customer Service
Ruben Martin CEO y Co-Founder
Maria Olivares Marketing

Prime Features 

Specifications Analysis
Chargeless  The game is open for all users free of cost with ample weapons and rewards. 
Metamask connection  The user can combine the BATH account with Metamask for safe purchase.
Red BSC It enables faster transactions with low transaction costs. 

Actual Price

After exploring the token’s information, we have not spotted any price status of Battle Hero Token, but if we get any news about it, we will let you know through the post. 

Market Cap And Additional Statistical Details

  • The ICO price of the token is $0.010000
  • Token’s soft cap is $500,000
  • It has a fundraising goal of $800,000.
  • The percentage of total supply is 8%.
  • The BATH token accepts BUSD.
  • The token held direct public access.
  • 80,000,000 BATH tokens were on sale. 
  • The personal cap of the token was 1 BUSD – 1000 BUSD.

How can Traders Earn It?

The Battle Hero Token is available for exchange in platforms bearing BNB, including PancakeSwap, Trust Wallet, ApeSwap, Binance, and several other mediums.


Q1. State the valid URL of Battle Hero.

A1. https://battlehero.io is the official portal of the token.

Q2. Mention the Contract Address of BATH.

A3. 0x0bc89aa98Ad94E6798Ec822d0814d934cCD0c0cE is the BATH’s contract address. 

Q2.  Specify the process of buying these tokens.

A3. The preferred exchange platforms for the tokens are PancakeSwap, Binance, etc. For more facts for the token, visit here. 


With the help of this write-up, we have accumulated the price details of Battle Hero Token that has imparted its utilities. 

In addition, the owner’s information and price cap of the BATH token have been illustrated throughout the post. This article has included the features and preferable exchange medium for this token. 

If you are questing for How to Buy Cryptocurrency, then visit here.

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