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[Unedited] Bashid Mclean Portal Zacarias: Have You Seen Original Foto Or Full Photo? Where Is It?

Bashid Mclean Portal Zacarias blog forced netizens to search for the Original Full Photo of Tanya Byrd’s head. 

How will you react to Bashid McLean’s story? A horrific incident that happened ten years ago is still the cause of many people’s nightmares. Bahsid McLean’s name is a Worldwide controversial name. 

People still remember the story of Bashid Mclean Portal Zacarias and 45-year-old Tanya Byrd, which has a tragic end. The entire community was shocked when Bahsid McLean killed his mother and held her head while posing for a picture. 

Disclaimer: As Bashid McLean’s photo contains sensitive content, we are unable to attach any original photos. Also, the details in this article are authentic and are for educational purposes.

What is Bahsid McLean’s photo’s content?

Bahsid McLean is now a 33-year-old man who is in jail for killing his mother, Tanya Byrd. Ten years ago, when Bahsid McLean was 23 years old, he killed Tanya Byrd brutally and clicked his picture while holding his mother’s slaughtered head. 

This bloody picture of Bahsid McLean holding his mother’s head went viral on social media platforms after ten years. According to some sources, someone posted the Bashid Mclean Original Foto on X (formerly known as Twitter) and Reddit. The photo is so gruesome that it snatched away people’s sleep. 

What did Bahsid McLean do ten years ago?

The morning of 2 March 2013 was horrible for the natives of New York. People were shocked when they heard the heart-wrenching story of Bahsid McLean and Tanya Byrd. That time many people watched the Bashid Mclean Original Foto

According to local newspapers, Bahsid McLean brutally stabbed his mother, Tanya Byrd, to death, chopped her body into pieces, and clicked a photo of himself while grabbing Tanya Byrd’s slaughtered head. The incident probably happened on 28th February 2013 when Tanya Byrd told his elder son, Bahsid McLean, to get out of her apartment over an argument. 

The terribleness of Tanya Byrd’s Full Photo described the temper of Bahsid McLean. Bahsid not only killed his mother because of an argument but also chopped her body with a power saw. After that, Bahsid put Tanya Byrd’s body pieces into three large garbage bags and scattered them around at least four different locations in their neighborhood in Morrisania in the South Bronx. After almost four days, on 5 March 2013, the body parts of Tanya Byrd were discovered by a morning dog-walker.

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Is Tanya Byrd’s Full Photo available on the internet?

According to some X (formerly known as Twitter) and Reddit users, the original photo of Bahsid holding his mother’s slaughtered head is still available. But as the original photo is so gruesome and bloody, readers should not search for it. You can find several edited and blurred images of Bahsid McLean. You can check our “Social Media Links” section to see the edited picture.

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Who is also involved in the Bashid Mclean Portal Zacarias case?

36-year-old William Harris, a friend of Bahsid McLean, was 26 years old when he helped Bahsid to cut Tanya Byrd’s body into pieces with a power saw. The New York Police Department found the 2-foot-long Black and Decker jigsaw from William’s house. According to a surveillance video, both of them bought the saw with cash from a nearby hardware store. 

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The Bashid Mclean Portal Zacarias also revealed that Bahsid used to live with his mother, Tanya Byrd, and his 7-year-old brother Nasyr, who has Down’s syndrome. Bahsid McLean is now in jail and facing 25 years of imprisonment. Click on the link to watch some clips of Bahsid McLean’s neighborhood.

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