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{Updated} Bashid Mclean Photo: Read Complete Details On Incident Real Photo

The article on Bashid McLean Photo talks about 10-year-old case of Bashid Killing his mother, Tanya Byrd.

Who is Bashid McLean? Why is Bashid McLean trending on TikTok & social media? If you want to know all the details about Bashid McLean Photo, follow this article and learn more about it. People from Worldwide and TikTok users who found the trending photo by Bashid McLean on the internet are in shock.

What is Bashid McLean’s Selfie?  

Bashid McLean assassinated his mother, Tanya Byrd, in February 2013. After the horrific act of stabbing his mother to death, he went on to dismember her body. Bashid then took a selfie with Tanya’s dismembered head and posted it on social media. That photo was 10 years old, but suddenly, in September 2023, it went viral on TikTok and traumatized the world beyond words. 

Ever since the Bahsid McLean Real Photo went viral, people have searched for the case details. In addition, the picture has been removed from social media, but a few blurred images are still present. He posed with the head like his trophy or some prize. 

Disclaimer: This article will not provide the picture/selfie of Bashid McLean. Because first of all, the picture has officially been removed from the internet and is highly sensitive. 

What happened to Tanya Bryd’s Body? 

Bashid was arrested as soon as the police got the information. They discovered that one more person was involved in the killing, who happened to be Bashid’s friend. He was also arrested later on. Bashid disposed of the body parts in garbage bags. Claims say that the head was filled with heavy-duty garbage bags. 

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Bashid McLean Original Photo No Blur & More

The selfie has been removed from social media because of its disturbing content. Bashid’s friend William aided the assassination but was not the main motivator. But McLean tried to frame William for killing his mother in their New York’s Bronx apartment. He had cerebral illness for a long time. He did not display any signs of remorse and was not afraid of prison life. 

Reports claim that his act was motivated by the incident when his mother told him to move out of her apartment and grow up. On his first public appearance (during the first trial), he was seen wearing garbage plastic bags. Bahsid McLean Selfie No Blur has been trending on social media again after 10 years. Some people even claimed to acquit Bashid due to his cerebral illness, but his crime was way too twisted. 

Reaction of Netizens On McLean Case

The user of social media and the netizens usually spend their time on the internet as recreation. Also, it is a mean of entertainment, but sometimes cases such as the Bashid McLean case saddens the netizens and causes distress to the receiver of such sensitive content. 

The picture/selfie has disturbed a lot of people on social media. Yet, some people are searching for Bashid McLean Photo and want to see it. Overall, most of the people are traumatized by the picture.


In this article, we have talked about the most searched picture recently. It is Bashid McLean’s selfie with his mother, Tanya Byrd’s dismembered head, whom he assassinated in February 2013. The picture first went viral on TikTok and then on other platforms. But it was removed from all social media platforms later. McLean was 23 years old, and his mother was 45 years old when he killed his mother. If you wish to know about the punishments for killing, click here.

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