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{Uncensored} Bashid Mclean Photo Reddit: Is Son Holding Mom Head No Blur Foto On Twitter

We bring to you extensive details related to Bashid Mclean Photo Reddit, Son Holding His Mom Head No Blur Picture, Original Foto Reddit, and Twitter.

Did you know Bashid Mclean will be eligible for parole in 2039? Did you know that Bashid killed his mother? Bashid Mclean Photo Reddit is Worldwide sensational image posed like holding a trophy. Let’s check its availability.

About original, uncensored, and no blur pictures of Bashid Mclean holding head:

The pictures of Bashid Mclean holding the head of his murdered mother, Tanya Byrd, got leaked on the internet recently. However, the incident occurred on 26th February 2013 when Bashid was 23 years old. Bashid stabbed his mother to death and later dismembered her body parts and took a selfie picture by holding her head in his left hand. 

Where was Son Holding His Mom Head No Blur Picture posted?

Tanya Byrd was 52 years old when she was murdered. In August 2023, the uncensored picture of Bashid holding his mother’s head resurfaced on the internet, making the Photos to go viral! But, it must be noted that there are NO uncensored pictures available online (or) on the dark web related to Bashid holding his mother’s head. 

It is because Bashid had posted the photo on Facebook for his friends only, which was a private post. The post was immediately taken down by the police department. 

There are related posts on social media platforms like Reddit, Twitter, and TikTok, but all the posts have ONLY censored Bahsid Mclean Holding Head Photos. The photos were horrifying as netizens were unable to accept the fact that a son could murder his biological mother. Hence, social media viewers commented that they were unable to sleep and got traumatised.

There were ten Twitter and 134 Reddit posts related to Bahsid Mclean Holding Head Photos. However, several Reddit and Twitter posts redirected the viewers to unauthentic news and knowledge-based websites, which popped up third-party mini ads and irrelevant content. 

NO original images of Bahsid Mclean Holding Head were found on any websites or social media platforms.

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Search for Bashid Mclean Original Foto due to his son’s murder:

Additionally, Bashid Mclean’s news and photos were searched because his wife, Zarah Coombs, beat their only son – Zamir, to death with the help of a broomstick and left him in a water-filled plastic storage container. 

The incident happened in January 2017. This incident ramped up the search for information about Bashid, his mother and his family. The murder of his four-year-old son by his biological mother raised questions about the living conditions and physiological health of Bashid’s family.

Bashid stuffed the body parts of his mother in a heavy-duty rubbish and duffel bag and disposed them at various locations in Bronx, NY; as reported on different news channels on posts related to Bashid Mclean Photo Twitter

Police were able to locate Tanya’s body parts from four locations in South Bronx. Tanya’s legs, torso, and head were found in a bag on the sidewalk. The police questioned Bashid and his friend William Morris as an electric saw was discovered in William’s apartment.

Bashid and William were arrested. Bashid was charged with a class A1 second-degree murder and class E unlawful dissection human body. Initially, Bashid defended and argued in the court. But he was found guilty and sentenced to imprisonment for 26 years. Bashid took the court proceedings for a ride with his defence lawyers and himself, maintaining his innocence. 

Testimony about Bahsid Mclean Holding Head Photos:

The truth came out as an eyewitness testified in front of the court. While disposing of the body parts of Tanya, Bashid was accompanied by his friend, William Morris. During the testimony, William revealed that Tanya was murdered in the apartment house of Bashid’s friend. William testified that Tanya was attacked and killed with the help of a power saw, identified as a murder weapon. 

After William’s testimony, Bashid appeared in the court wearing a garbage bag. Initially, Bashid, who maintained his innocence, started stating that he used to hear voices in his head since he was a child; as reported in posts about Son Holding His Mom Head No Blur Picture. Lynn Calvacca, the defence lawyer, started pleading to acquit Bashid as he had spent several years of his childhood in the facility to help physiologically ill people.

At the same time, Bashid was not afraid of going to prison as he had spent several years away from his family and friends when he stayed at the facility to help physiologically ill people. 

At that point in time, the police discovered several images from his cell phone related to the murder. Bashid had himself shared the photo of holding his mother’s head on the social media platforms. The original and unblurred photos went viral at that point in time.

Taking down Bashid Mclean Original Foto:

The social media viewers who saw the picture were horrified and stated that it was an inhuman act; some of them felt sick about the photos. However, as the image was related to crime and violence, the police department acted quickly and took down the pictures from the internet. Therefore, ONLY blurred and censored pictures were available online until 2023.

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Bashid is the older son of Tanya Byrd. He was born on 28th October 1989. Bashid Mclean was of black ethnicity. He was held in downstate prison in NY; as informed on Bashid Mclean Photo Twitter posts. He was sentenced to 26 years and four months of imprisonment. He will be eligible for a parole from 22nd June 2039, but a parole hearing can be initiated from February 2039.

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