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Read complete details unavailable elsewhere on, a conversational-based artificial intelligence-based assistant developed by Google.

Get ready for a new generation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) based generative search engine! You may have experienced Yahoo search results initially when the Google search engine was not popular at the beginning of the 2000s. But, Google surpassed all the search engines before 2004 and became a leader.

Google has launched Bard Experiment, which was eagerly awaited in the United States, the United Kingdom, and India. So, would you like to know more about


About Bard Experiment:

Bard is a language-based generative AI in the process of development by Google. The Aim of developing Bard is to provide a new generation interface for interacting with the users, assisting them in their search, and answering their queries. Google aims to take Bard a step forward compared to its search engine and Google Assistant. Let’s check how?

On Bard, users can speak about their queries. Bard goes through understanding what the user means to say. The speech is analyzed by Bard and responded to appropriately. Hence, is not limited to a search engine displaying relevant results where the text you typed is found on thousands of websites!

This way, Bard becomes superior to Google Assistant and other virtual assistants. You may have experienced what Google Assistant can do, from showing your emails, reading them aloud, ordering food, tracking packages, dialling numbers, and more. But, virtual assistants were not trained to understand, analyze, and form a summary (or) conclusion about what the information on those websites meant.

Bard is superior as it can interact with the users, can even discuss the problem and issues the user is asking about, and suggest an accurate solution and a way out! If appropriate, Bard included reference links for websites where more relevant information can be read. 

Virtual assistants display such reference links and read the information from those websites aloud. At the same time, Bard understands, analyzes, summarizes, and forms a conclusion about what the information on the websites means. It results in improving user productivity and intelligently answering users’ questions. Hence, Bard requires continuous learning about how humans phrase their words and what they mean (or) refer to while they speak a sentence on

However, Bard is in the development stages. Hence, Google requires participation from users to improve its results. Users can contribute to Bard Experiment by registering themselves on the page. The members need to extensively test Bard and provide feedback, which will be accounted for improving it.

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Bard is a conversational-based virtual generative AI assistant using LaMDA (Language Model for Dialogue Applications, launched by Google in 2017). Bard is developed as a competitive product against ChatGPT. Bard might display/respond with inaccurate results. Hence, rechecking its suggestions is advised. Currently, membership for Bard Experiment is available in the USA and the UK, having a Google account.

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1Q. What is the requirement for joining Bard Experiment?

The user should have an active Google account/email. He must be 18 years old. His account should be managed by himself.

2Q. Is Bard only accessible in the USA and the UK?

Though Google is taking only membership from the USA and the UK, 

3Q. What was the experience of Bard members?

Several Redditors using Bard reported that Bard fails to provide accurate results as a generative AI. Several such blogs are present related to Google Bard Reddit.

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