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Barbara Furlow-smiles Linkedin To Wikipedia: Who Is Her Husband? Check Full Details On Case Reddit

What is Barbara Furlow-Smiles LinkedIn To Wikipedia? Who is her Husband? Why is she trending on Reddit

What does Barbara Furlow-Smiles LinkedIn To Wikipedia mean? Who is Barbara Furlow-Smiles? Why is Barbara Furlow trending on social media? What did Barbara do? Where did Barbara work? People from the United States and Nigeria are trying to collect information about Barbara Furlow and all the details related to her. Read this article and try to understand the scam details Barabara committed. 

Barbara Furlow-Smiles LinkedIn To Wikipedia

Barbara Furlow-Smiles was the strategic leader at Facebook from 2017 to 2021. As per sources, she scammed the company for over $4 million when she controlled the Equity, Diversity, and programs for inclusions. Furlow planned everything meticulously and used her professional powers for her benefit. 

She tricked Facebook as Furlow had access to the company’s credit card. She also managed the payments and purchases. In 2021, she changed jobs and joined Nike as the senior Innovation and consumer creation director. Furlow’s scam only came to light in 2023, and her actions had gone unnoticed for over 6 years.

Barbara Furlow-Smiles LinkedIn To Wikipedia

Personal Details (Husband, Age & More) of Barabara 

Barbara is 38 years old, and she was born in Georgia. Her ethnicity is African-American. Details related to her Husband and marriage are not provided on the internet. As per several details, she maintained a low profile and made no social media accounts. She hid all her pieces from the internet. 

Personal Details (Husband, Age & More) of Barabara 

Barbara completed her schooling in 2003. She went to Spelman College and studied International Relations and Political Science. After some time, she joined Baruch College and studied Public Administration. She then studied in South Africa, completing her higher studies in specific subjects. Barbara is trending on Reddit because of the scam case. 

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More Details About Barbara Furlow-Smiles Case

Barbara pleaded guilty in court for tricking Facebook for over $4 million from 2017 to 2021. As per sources, she used to generate bills with inflated prices and get cash kickbacks from the vendors. She often charged the company for actual services and faked it for the bills.

She also provided a lot of out-sourcing work to her contacts and friends. As per sources, she made inflated bills and then adjusted the money with her communications. The transactions were also planned and done in a way to conceal the final destination of the funds. 

More Details About Barbara Furlow-Smiles Case

Reddit News About Court Hearing of Barbara

The case is in court and under process. The attorneys and judges are putting up their points, and Barabara has already confessed to several tricks with which she scammed Facebook. She outright pleaded guilty to a $4 million scam. 

This is a DEI scam, where the executives use their powers to benefit and play with the company’s funds. In this case, the sentence will be announced on 19 March 2024. She is awaiting her punishment. The point is high-profile, and media all worldwide covered the topic. 


In today’s article, we discussed Barabara Furlow-Smiles’s case details. People want to know details about her Husband and LinkedIn page. Unfortunately, the personal details of Barabara are not available on the internet. Barbara committed a DEI scam and tricked Facebook for $4 million. She is now awaiting her sentence from the court. If you wish to know more, click here.

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Disclaimer: The details about Barabara Furlow-Smiles are not available on internet.  

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