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Baoe to PHP {Jan 2022} Address, How To Buy? Price, Chart

Check this article to know more about Baoe cryptocurrency. You can understand its validated features and conversion rate of Baoe to PHP.      

Do you have any idea about cryptocurrency associated with “Binance Smart Chain”? 

Here we are giving you an idea about a digital currency that gives you more powerful gaming experiences and the mode of cryptocurrency. 

This virtual currency has already gained much dignity among the investors of the Philippines. But it is also true the token is just launched in the market.                                                                

So, we will try to give you data about its trends and the conversion rate of Baoe to PHP

About Crypto: BAOE (Business Age of Empires)

The full name of this cryptocurrency is “Business Age of Empires.”

The cryptocurrency was introduced in the market in 2021. However, it has come to investors’ minds and cryptocurrency experts since it’s launch. 

“Bare” has unique features. First of all, it delivers high-quality technology. This digital currency has adopted the unique features of “Non-Fungible Token” and the “Blockchain” technology. 

But the investors also should know nobody can buy this cryptocurrency with their direct money. But the cryptocurrency has been associated with various exchange platforms since it was invented. 

The Founder(s) and Relation of Baoe to PHP

While looking for the creators of this token, we found many names behind the token’s interception. 

Before addressing the PHP rate, let’s discuss the founder(s) name. 

Below are some reputed names involved with this cryptocurrency 

  • The CEO’s name is Hagi Vo. 
  • Hien Nguyen is the co-founder of this token. 
  • The name of the Chief Technical Officer is Ngoc Le. 
  • The artist of the game is Trung Hien. 
  • The backend developer’s name is Xuan An. The social designer’s name is Hoai Linh. 

Note – Already, more than 200000 people are involved with this cryptocurrency. 

Baoe to PHP and Market Trends

Let’s check its market stands with valuable data. 

  • USD Rate- $0.249354
  • Business Volume- $3,036,353
  • Cap – No data
  • Position- NA
  • Market Dominance- 0.00%
  • High Trends- $0.286996
  • Low Trends- $0.146117
  • Token’s Supply- 1,000,000,000
  • PHP Rate- 12.72

Why Buy this Crypto? 

Now we should address this question. As per our survey, we find many reasons behind it. Let’s discuss the matter in the following ways. 

  1. Digital currency has great community members. 
  2. It adopts unique technologies.
  3. The token offers you incredible gaming experiences. 
  4. The buyers can buy it from many buying platforms. 
  5. Baoe to PHP conversion rate is good. 
  6. You can trade this coin. 
  7. The token offers good market and trade value to the investors in long-range. 

Know the Buying Process

Now you should know the purchase methods of the token. As we told you, no one can buy this cryptocurrency with direct fiat money. 

  1. Buyers need to register with the crypto exchange. 
  2. The second process is the buyer needs to buy “BTC” with fiat money. 
  3. Now convert the “BTC” into “BNB” on the “Binance” exchange. 
  4. Transfer your “BNB” to your wallet. 
  5. Check the conversion rate of Baoe to PHP. Now, start buying “Baoe” cryptocurrency. 


  1. Why is this Cryptocurrency news trending? 

As per the news in the financial market, this token is used to be in trading from 7 January 2022. That is the reason this crypto currency’s information is trending. 

  1. Do I know the Contract Address of this cryptocurrency? 

Yes you can. The contract address is 0x5d449e51ac8a7509dd71d22dcac8e32d9f9c5bfc. 

Final Discussion

We try to give you all the data and information about this cryptocurrency. All the information we have provided from our expert’s view and research data. 

But whenever you decide to buy it, check the rate of Baoe to PHPBesides this, you should check and take proper suggestions from the crypto market experts so you can’t face any negative consequences. 

You can also read the article How to Start Your Trading in Crypto Currency in 2022? For better information, you can check the official website of Baoe crypto for more data.  

Do you want to buy bare cryptocurrency? Share your opinion. 

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