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Baoe Coin {Jan 2022} Price, Founders & How To Buy?

Looking into a detailed explanation about Baoe Coin? This news writing will assist you with every small and big detail of the coin.

Are you also looking for information about how you can get the crypto coins, trade in the coins, invest in the coin, and get a lot of profits from different crypto coins?

Here we are in this news writing, providing you with all the essential details to make it easier for you to understand the technicalities of the crypto coins and understand how to get benefits.

We discuss the Baoe crypto coin popular in Thailand and some other countries. Let us know about the technical analysis and other essential data of the Baoe Coin.

What is Baoe crypto?

This crypto coin is popular in Thailand and one of the best and first games that make it easier for 

the people who like play to earn; this crypto is developed on the BSc platform. The coin is built on the motive to make it easier for the players to do in-game things.

The live market cap of the coin is not available; at present circulating supply is not available for the coin.

Who are the founders of the coin?

The named details of the founder of the coin are not available on the site or even anywhere else; the details with pictures are available on the website; you can check it there.

What are the price details?

The price of this Baoe Coin today is $0.3068, and the price is 115.74% high in the last 24hours of time.

Statistics chart 

The statistics details of the coin are a solicitation of any coin which help you with a lot of things.

  • 90days high-$0.111
  • 90days low-$0.3068
  • 7days high-$0.111
  • 7days low-$0.3068
  • Price change-$0.1616
  • Price change percentage-124.03%
  • Market cap-0.4078
  • Market rank-#2961
  • Trading volume-$3,465,556.22

As a crypto trader, you must watch the statistics and the price chart to understand the coin better.

Where can you procure it?

To procure this coin, there are different methods and ways, and you can choose one platform to get the details about the coin and make your purchase successfully.

  • To buy the Baoe Coin from Fiat to exchange. Go through this easy method.
  • First, go on the web link of the exchange make your account with the proper credentials.
  • Verify your account.
  • Link wallet like trust wallet, meta wallet to the exchange.
  • After linking the wallet, add fiat money to the wallet to complete the purchase.
  • Now, at last, go to the section of cryptos, search for the Baoe crypto, or copy the coin’s contract address to reach the right one.
  • Now check the coin price, click in buy deposit the fiat money equivalent to the price.
  • And you are done purchasing the coin, now successfully trade in the coin.

Frequently listed questions – Baoe Coin

Q1. What is the 30day high and low percentage of the coin?

A1. The 30 days high and low percentage of the coin is 0111.98% and 980.00%.

Q2. What is the web link to Baoe crypto?

A2. The weblink to the coin is https://b-aoe.io/ 

Q3. What is the genuine source code of the coin?

A3. The genuine source code is 0x5d449e51ac8a7509dd71d22dcac8e32d9f9c5bfc

Final wrapping

After seeing all the details about the coin, we have concluded that the crypto coin is showing an up-to-the-mark performance in the crypto market. You can research with your strategy and then invest in the coin. Meanwhile, know more about the coin here. 

Share what you think about the Baoe Coin in the comment section and know about the bitcoin scam here.

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