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In this article, you will find complete details about Balenciaga Child Scandal. Also, read the public and Celebs’ responses to this scandal.

What is Balenciaga’s child abuse photography? Why is every celebrity disappointed by an ad campaign of Balenciaga? People and Celebs are shocked after watching the Balenciaga Child Scandal photography campaign. 

People from the United Kingdom, United States and Canada find it disgusting and disrespectful as a bigger company like Balenciaga is involved in child abuse. Images went viral on social platforms where people disguised these spring 23rd campaigns. Please read the article properly to find precise information about the controversy and its reality.


Balenciaga controversy 

Recently a spring photoshoot campaign of Balenciaga brought a disturbing event for everyone. The photoshoot campaign includes the child holding a teddy bear. The disgusting part of the photo shoot is that the teddy bears are wearing BDSM gear. It automatically sends the wrong message about child abuse and shares a lousy image on social media.

People also criticise Photographer; he agrees with capturing this kind of photo for campaigns. The company shared two pictures of children holding a teddy bear and one picture of a woman. Balenciaga is promoting its current design, but they need to remember it couldn’t involve toddlers in abusive content. Maine celebrities also posted on Twitter and other social handles describing this unhealthy photoshoot for the Balenciaga campaign.

Court case

When people and multiple companies found this inappropriate content in social media, they filed a case against this campaign. The court gives a decision mentioning that it is virtual child abuse and Balenciaga should submit the court document as soon as possible.

Furthermore, the other image of the campaign includes a woman, but somehow it also includes a reflection of non-relevant photos of a child. Lila Rose, a celebrity, also tweeted about her disgusting act of Balenciaga. She mentions that it is a sick and criminal offence towards children. She also tagged Kim Kardashian to speak out about this act.

What is Balenciaga’s response?

When the owner found out about these Pictures, he condemned this inappropriate event. He also posted an apology message on social media. He also agrees with people that this picture somewhere contains disturbing children’s content. He also stated that he was unaware of this picture taking place in the 23rd spring campaign. 

He also assured that there would be strict action regarding this campaign. We will remove all the images of this campaign immediately. Additionally, we will eliminate all the related Videos from all the platforms.

In another story, he mentioned that we stand for children’s safety and well-being. The company will take serious action against the parties who approved and were involved in this photoshoot campaign.

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Wrapping up

Balenciaga’s 23rd spring campaign is stuck in a child scandal controversy. The photoshoot contains inappropriate pictures of a child holding a teddy bear in a BDSM costume. 

What do you think of the photoshoot campaign of Balenciaga? Comment below. Find additional information on YouTube

Balenciaga Child Scandal: FAQs 

Q1 Who is the owner of Balenciaga?

Cédric Charbit, the chief executive officer of the Balenciaga.

Q2 What is the Age of the children?

The girl child was around five or below.

Q3 Where were these photos uploaded?

The campaign photo is posted on the Balenciaga advertisement page and on different social handles.

Q4 What is the new campaign of Balenciaga?

It was the 23rd spring campaign to promote their new products.

Q5 Did the company apologise for this campaign?

Balenciaga felt the photoshoot was irrelevant, and they posted apology messages on various social platforms.

Q6 Where do these pictures go viral? 

The picture went viral on Reddit, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

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